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Image above: Sign posted at Coupeville Wharf on 4/2/2020.

Image above: 4/22/2020

Source: Washington State Department of Health Shellfish Safety Map


We are told that stewardship is a priority:

Sign below educates the public on local waters.

Saratoga Passage Marine Stewardship Area

Has there ever been a news story to inform the public on the Saratoga Passage Marine Stewardship Area?

Looks like a significant area.


Several Island County beaches are now closed for recreational shellfish harvest because of sewage treatment outfall.

Sewage treatment outfall. Not stormwater.

This appears to be a routine/ongoing situation.

View the Washington State Department of Health beach list here.


Image above:


Another Month With An R at Captain Thomas Coupe Park – Site Visit

Love to see newspeople provide updated reporting on this:

“This beach is within the closure area for a sewage treatment plant outfall and is unsafe for recreational shellfish harvesting.”

Source: WDFW

Image above:

North side of Penn Cove at Monroe Landing

Site Visit – Another Month With An R at Monroe Landing

“This beach is within the closure area for a sewage treatment plant outfall and is unsafe for recreational shellfish harvesting.”

Source: WDFW

Is the sewage treatment plant sending unsafe product into Penn Cove?

Reporting on this topic appears to be completely off limits to the press.

Image above:

I found this sign posted on 4/2/2020 at the west end of Penn Cove. The sign has been there long enough to become faded from the weather.

WDFW has posted this permanent sign showing a dark shaded area in the eastern part of Penn Cove. The dark shaded area indicates a location that is unsafe for clam & oyster harvest.

Interesting that the part of the cove farthest from open waters is the part where the water is cleaner.

This sign remains in place even during the driest months of the year.


March 13, 2020 Whidbey News-Times

4th grade students publish book on Salish Sea

“Invisible Pollution in the Salish Sea”

School teachers,

Are you teaching your students to look for green colors on the Recreational Shellfish Safety Map?

More here:

Green colors show safe places for recreational shellfish


Distance learning idea:

Podcast 4 Another Month With An R – Whidbey Sewage Treatment Plant Outfalls

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The wooden sign at Libbey Beach is gone.

Something with an industrial look has taken its place.

A Favorite Spot


The Story

More here: Local family takes over Custard King in Astoria

Family owned since 1892

We enjoyed our first visit at the funky Inferno Lounge. Nice music, great views and staff with personality. Good Stuff.

A nice spot to pull in.


Stopped in for a couple Rainier beers and good conversation with the owner. Visions of starting a new life in the area were discussed. This was our first time having a beer in Twisp. We enjoyed this spot. We will return.


We found a new spot in Seaside. Luann was our bartender. We were very happy with our visit on a day that was still nice enough to sit outside.

U Street Clam Dip- loved it:

See you next time.

Site details here.

A nice blog about this location: Jack Kerouac Alley and its many surrounding pleasures

Site details here.

“Fashions come and go but this place continues to do its own thing.”

Site details here.

2801 Leavenworth Street
San Francisco


dsc_0004 Site info here.

dsc_0209 San Francisco

dsc_0236 San Francisco


dsc_0294 Since 1893



dsc_0065-copy Local history: Carr’s Hardware in Marysville to close after nearly 93 years

dsc_0070 Local history: “Oosterwyk’s Dutch Bakery in downtown Marysville has been family owned and run for 59 years.”