Two images above taken at Fort Ebey this afternoon.

If you called 911 to report an emergency and described why the local state park is shut down, would the operator agree that this situation involves an emergency?

There is a parking area just outside this gate at Fort Ebey. The parking area outside the gate (on State Parks land) remains open & unrestricted. Access to trails from this parking area remains open & unrestricted.

I exchanged a wave with a ranger driving a State Parks vehicle yesterday at this spot.

I spoke about local State Parks access at 9:31 on this page.

We left Fort Ebey and drove down to the beach at Ebey’s Landing State Park:

The parking lot was completely shut down. Just south of the parking lot, people were parked next to the beach and enjoying a nice beach day, just like always.

No restricted parking or access at Driftwood County Park​

No restricted parking or access at Libbey Beach County Park​

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Podcast 3 Closing All Recreational Fishing & Shellfishing Statewide


Whidbey Island

Pizza delivery, marijuana and booze sales roll on as government agencies phase out access and services.

Local press responds with reduced coverage and less in the way of asking questions:

Concealed Carry Processing Suspended


January 2023 update:


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