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Geography note:

A line from Point Partridge to Point Wilson is the boundary between Admiralty Inlet and of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Waiting on a wave at Point Partridge

Local trails overview here:

Two Bluff Trails

Fort Ebey Surf Forecast

Point Partridge Tide Predictions

Article describing local surf conditions:

Surfing on Whidbey Island Fort Ebey State Park


Fort Ebey


Fort Ebey


Fort Ebey


New snow on the Olympics. A view from Libbey Beach.

From Fort Ebey.


Make happy mushrooms at Fort Ebey.


Local group: Whidbey Island Rocks – WIR


For scale:

First time out to a new trail today at Fort Ebey.

A couple of eagles watched over the beach during our visit.


Two Bluff Trails


Two Bluff Trails

Two Bluff Trails


Fort Ebey Bluff Trail


More here:

Two Bluff Trails



A winter afternoon at Fort Ebey.


Out on the trails of Fort Ebey.


An offseason visit to Fort Ebey on Tuesday afternoon.


No crowds today at Fort Ebey

Stormy surf out there today.

Three or four feet off the ground.

This one is past its prime, but it gives an idea of how large some varieties of mushrooms may get at Fort Ebey.

Sunny when you get out in the open.


Point Partridge

Fort Ebey

Local info here.


Local info here.

Looking south towards Perego’s Lagoon.

More about the area: Two Bluff Trails

Looking north towards the San Juan Islands