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For scale:

First time out to a new trail today at Fort Ebey.

A couple of eagles watched over the beach during our visit.


Two Bluff Trails


Two Bluff Trails

Two Bluff Trails


Fort Ebey Bluff Trail


More here:

Two Bluff Trails



A winter afternoon at Fort Ebey.


Out on the trails of Fort Ebey.


An offseason visit to Fort Ebey on Tuesday afternoon.


No crowds today at Fort Ebey

Stormy surf out there today.

Three or four feet off the ground.

This one is past its prime, but it gives an idea of how large some varieties of mushrooms may get at Fort Ebey.

Sunny when you get out in the open.


Point Partridge

Fort Ebey

Local info here.


Local info here.

Looking south towards Perego’s Lagoon.

More about the area: Two Bluff Trails

Looking north towards the San Juan Islands

Out to the Fort Ebey Bluff Trail on Saturday. Ranger station was closed. No one stopping vehicles on the way in to check for parking passes. Weather was sunny & calm. Bell buoy seemed silent today.

Trail condition was good. It had been a little squishy in spots over the past week.

Lots of people, families & dogs out enjoying the day. Passed one group that must have been more than a dozen people on the trail. Campground is open. Lots of happy sounds as I passed by. Saw snakes and eagles. Saw someone flying a kite in front of the gun emplacements- they were doing well with what looked like an old school-style kite.

Walked down to the viewpoint at Cedar Hollow and was able to see people walking on the beach near Perego’s Lagoon. 

Beach parking area to Cedar Hollow & back- 1:37.

Point Partridge