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Out to North Jetty on a fantastic January day.

Looking over towards Westport. The ship here is CORAL GEM.

Several sites on the web offer info on ship locations.

Click image once or twice to show detail.

Mount Rainier


A fantastic October day.

Looking from Damon Point over to Westport.

Washington Coast






The ship in the photo may be this one.

Several sites on the web offer info on ship locations.




Local history:

Cape Meares Lighthouse




Port Townsend



Point Partridge


If you spend time around the local beaches, you can witness a bit of the local and international maritime culture.

The photo above was taken at Rosario Beach during happier times.

In the news:

July 10, 2020 KING 5 News video:

Victoria Clipper suspends service until next April

“British Columbia decided to extend the 14-day self-isolation period upon entry, and extend that through the end of August, and that made having a season for us untenable,” Gudgel said.


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South of Point Wilson Light


A view from the Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail.

Local info here:

Two Bluff Trails





Fishing boat above: M.V. Estevan

Albacore Tuna info here.

Merchant Vessel above: DESERT MOON



An early start from Whidbey Island gets us to the busy seaport town of Astoria in time for lunch.

Heavy lifters moving through:

dsc_0105 San Francisco

dsc_0028 San Francisco

dsc_0086San Francisco

dsc_0054 San Francisco

dsc_0032 San Francisco

dsc_0112 San Francisco