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Part One of this blog: 98569 Coastal Erosion Attitudes

No longer Here – Ferry to Westport – Fell Apart on the Ocean Shores Side

Ocean Shores to Westport: Remembering the El Matador Ferry
By Douglas Scott

“Sadly, the ferry service shut down in 2008, but not due to lack of popularity. While the ferry service had seen closures in previous years, the service would always pick back up and be celebrated by residents and visitors alike. Sadly, after too much sand and silt built up around the Ocean Shores marina, the El Matador was forced to cancel trips across the harbor. What was once a family-friendly boating experience and adventure across the harbor is now relegated to fond memories.”

Public access for beach walkers at Damon Point (Once a State Park)

Public access for beach walkers at Damon Point – For a town that promotes visitors, tourism and good times at the beach, things are piss poor over at Damon Point.

Today, beach walkers moving toward the water from the parking area at Damon Point are channeled to a choice between an eroded/unsafe former road drop-off and private property that is posted, telling walkers that they are not welcome. WTF?

Photo above – Winter 2022/2023

Two photos below: Nov 12, 2023

Is there an attitude related to climate change/sea level rise that is used as an excuse to back away from maintaining the shore?

Other Parts of the Beach are Maintained Year Round

Think of Ocean Shores beach entry points at Chance A La Mer, Pacific Blvd, Ocean Lake Way and Taurus Blvd.

The black top ends and the sand is cleared out of the way on a routine basis. Concerns Re: tsunami zone, global warming, sea level rise, climate crisis, king tides, coastal erosion, El Niño/La Niña and winter storms do not get in the way of keeping things maintained between the blacktop and the beach. Thanks go out to the people who do this work. We appreciate it.

Imagine telling the fishing boat captains over at Westport that their access to a 100 year old armor-plated harbor was going to be let go because too much sand and silt built up around the marina. Imagine letting the people of Westport know there will be no more lodging out there, shops, restaurants, etc.

A 100-year old jetty used to protect Ocean Shores. Can new technologies save its south end?

Any federal money for ports and coastal improvement?

Plenty of cash for Ukraine/undeclared/unwon wars and here is what you get back home:

$6.3 million in federal cash for a used hotel.

Any questions from newspeople?

December 8, 2022 The Daily World

Dept. of Ag invests $6.3M to purchase Ocean Shores hotel

$6.3 million “to fund the acquisition of an existing hotel. Marathon Enterprises Inc. is located in Ocean Shores, Grays Harbor County, Washington. The project is expected to result in saving eight jobs and creating one full time job.”

Zero questions from small or large newspapers. Zero questions from TV newspeople.

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Room For Improvement – 98569

Damon Point Beach Access

Federal Cash For The Coast – 98569

Ocean Shores Crosswalks


Westport, WA

Westport – live cam here.


Westport, WA

Westport – live cam here.


Westport, WA

Westport – live cam here.


Westport, WA


It could be tricky.


Anacortes – A few years back

Looks like the two vessels above also appear in this photo.


Westport, WA

Out and about

Summer is here


Starting a project where I am trying to put together a collection of live web cams showing views of coastal areas in the Pacific Northwest.


British Columbia Coast

Favorite out of BC: Wickaninnish Inn – Tofino, BC

A beautiful scene with the first live audio I have found:


Ocean Village Resort MacKenzie Beach – Tofino, BC


Pacific Sands Beach Resort – Tofino, BC


Boundary Bay, Tsawwassen, BC


Denny Island, BC Cam


Washington Coast

Here is the very best example in WA of what I have found so far:

Port of Friday Harbor Marina Live Stream

What makes this one really nice is that we do not have to go to a host page first to click on it, and we are not looking at fixed images.

Second favorite:

Live Cam – Westport, Washington

We must go to a host page first, then click on the cam.

View live feed here.


Bellingham Bay WebCam


Faithlife Bellingham Bay Cam


Semiahmoo Weather Cam


Friday Harbor Ferry Landing – San Juan Island, WA


Island Marine Center Marina – Lopez Island, WA


Landmark Inn, Eastsound, Orcas Island, WA


Roche Harbor – San Juan Island, WA


Rosario Resort – Orcas Island, WA


Oregon Coast


Seashore Inn – Seaside OR


Pacific City – Pelican Brewing Cam


Cape Kiwanda RV Resort & Marketplace – Pacific City, OR


Possibly of interest:

Washington State Department of Transportation Ferry Cameras

A fun place to look for snow at sea level during part of the year.

Related blog post:

Live Cam – Westport, Washington







Years ago at Port Townsend


Checking back to view different weather and tide conditions, views at various times of day and seasonal changes. Very nice to view full screen.

Camera angle rotates to show views of everything from Westhaven Drive out to the entrance of Garys Harbor, the jetty and Half Moon Bay.

Live feed here.

Possibly of interest:

Washington State Department of Transportation Ferry Cameras

A fun place to look for snow at sea level during part of the year.







Working Waterfront



Westport seafood info here.


Seeded oyster shells heading out.

Oyster farming info here.

Westport seafood info here.



FV Miss Danica

From 2011:


LILA info towards the bottom of this page.

“…purchase your fresh seafood directly from Westport fishing boats!
Call for availability or head down to the docks and markets to purchase.”


A fantastic October day.

Looking from Damon Point over to Westport.

Washington Coast






The ship in the photo may be this one.

Several sites on the web offer info on ship locations.










Port Townsend




Fishing boat above: M.V. Estevan

Albacore Tuna info here.

Merchant Vessel above: DESERT MOON


Working Waterfront



An early start from Whidbey Island gets us to the busy seaport town of Astoria in time for lunch.

Heavy lifters moving through:

Seeing various posts about how hard it is to pay for a 2 bedroom apartment on minimum wage, the force of government needs to be used to get employers to provide better pay & benefits, public officials need to help more with college expenses, etc.

Looks like it’s not all bad news:

Looming crisis seen for maritime jobs as workers near retirement age

More here from various sources:

Training, jobs open up as maritime sector’s workforce ages

Seattle maritime industry looks to high schools for new work force

Help wanted: Washington State Ferries needs engineers

Report: Maritime industry staying afloat, growing steadily

Tacoma to Add Four More Container Cranes

Washington State Ferries looks to train workforce of its future as retirements loom

Teens can find paid summer internships in Seattle

State ferry system hiring as it faces retirement crisis

Port of Seattle offers 150 paid high school and college summer internship

100 jobs: Cargo company to occupy former Everett mill site

Welders needed: New Seattle program offers training

Now hiring: Maritime industry bustling, but lacking future workforce


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Newspeople will not question the US Border Patrol at Port Angeles?

Our free and independent press has stopped asking questions.

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Photo- Early winter morning- Point Wilson, Washington