My favorite beer styles are NW or West Coast IPA, German Pilsner and Mexican beer. Here, in the Grays Harbor area, German beer appears to be unavailable. That adds a certain mystique.

My favorite Mexican beer seems to be hard to find anywhere I shop over the past 10 years or so.

Another one I like is also hard to find:

A good selection of German beers are available at the Silverdale, WA BevMo! store.

Happy hunting.

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In a recent blog, we shared about German beers being hard to find in Grays Harbor County.

Just back now from a road trip to Kitsap County. Happy to report that a good selection of German beers are available at the Silverdale, WA BevMo! store. Friendly staff too!

Dining out report:

We enjoyed dining out before COVID and have had mixed experiences since restrictions were lifted.

Happy to report that we found a nice Thai restaurant on our trip.

Quiet, uncrowded, nice atmosphere, attentive/good service and really enjoyed the food. We would try to dine out more if this was the sort of experience we could expect.

Chili Thai

10404 Silverdale Way NW.


Silverdale, WA 98383


Back home.

Bigfoot style photos of Coyote near the beach:


Early Sunday – Washington Coast – The North Beach

The summer pattern has become foggy out here. Fog in the morning, fog and a cool breeze late in the afternoon. The forecast can call for all day sun, but you may only see it for brief periods.

It feels like just a bit higher in elevation, or just a few miles inland, you would experience a warm summer day.

This pattern may be similar hundreds of miles south of here:

San Francisco Weather
Why is it so cold!!?

Last week, other parts of WA saw a heat wave that never came here.

Here is a look at local conditions via a live cam just south of here at Westport, Washington. We must go to a host page first, then click on the cam.

View the live feed here.


Coastal Live Cams

There are spots on the beach where you will see nothing but sand and fog in all directions.

No surf to play in this morning.

Heading back.


Calm conditions on the The Pacific Coast – Early Thursday


No markings on the back of these.

Found at the Pacific Blvd beach access in Ocean Shores.

Local group: Ocean Shores Rocks


Early Tuesday – Rush Hour – The Pacific Coast

Coyote moving through


Early Monday

Ocean Shores features a freshwater canal system that runs through residential areas. The views below are looking south from the Ocean Lake Way NE Bridge.



Early Sunday – Washington Coast – The North Beach


Early Tuesday – Washington Coast – The North Beach


Recent early morning walk – Washington Coast


Out to the beach – early Monday



Behind House Cam


The Pacific Coast – Washington State


Washington Coast – Ocean City State Park


October Afternoon


Early Thursday –  Washington Coast


Out to an uncrowded beach on the Washington Coast. We are using the Pacific Blvd beach access in Ocean Shores.

Moments later:


A quiet nighttime visitor


Out to an uncrowded beach on the Washington Coast

Maybe more birds than people?

Pelicans moving through

Happy Clam


Using the brakes:

The Brown Pelican is a seasonal visitor on the Washington Coast.

On the Pacific coast, pelicans leave the Gulf of California after breeding, cross the Baja peninsula, and migrate as far north as British Columbia, returning south to breeding areas by the next winter.”

A sighting form last September here.


Early Sunday

Washington Coast – The North Beach

The folks who did the 4th of July cleanup in the Ocean Shores area did excellent work. We have been out there a couple of times in the past week and the beach has been spotless. Well done.


Westport, Washington


Westport, WA

Out and about

Summer is here


Image above: Brine is complete. Out of the fridge, rinse, pat dry and leave out while doing grill prep.

Image above: After four hours on very low fire/coals with apple wood for smoke.

Notes: Used traditional Weber kettle with no temp gauge. Did not use temp gauge for fish.

Areas to improve: Turned out salty. Use less salt next time? Leave in fridge to brine for a shorter period next time?

Forgot to turn fish during smoking, color on bottom does not match top.

Areas that went well: Was able to keep fire/coals very low and smokey. I could touch the metal pan with a bare hand as I was bringing it in from the grill.

No stick spray worked well to prevent any sticking on foil.

Some would recommend various smokers to purchase and make this an easier job with less variables to watch over. I am looking for the satisfaction of trying to learn the ways with minimal gear. I lack storage space for more appliances. Some people have a very nice can opener on the kitchen counter. I have always been good with this:

Here are three videos I liked. The salt ratio recommendation does not match up. I went with the more salt method. Next time I will go with the less salt method and maybe less brine time in the fridge.

Less salt: 1 cup brown sugar with 1/4 cup kosher salt. Brine for 4-8 hours.

More salt: 1 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup kosher salt. Brine overnight.


How long to brine:


Early Thursday

Washington Coast – The North Beach


I have lived in 4 Washington State counties over the past 20 years: Kitsap, Jefferson, Island, and Grays Harbor.

Grays Harbor has the most limited selection of beers. German beers are always the most difficult to find, but I have not seen them at all in Grays Harbor County. Ditto for Tsingtao beer. All of the above were purchased in Kitsap County this week. Recently, I have not been able to find Heineken in Grays Harbor County.

This update provided as a public service from Oak Bay Starfish.

The best beer is the one you enjoy the most.

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Washington Coast – The North Beach

No crowds on Thursday


Great weather and the Sand and Sawdust Festival brought a large number of people out to the beach on Saturday. Just south of the Shilo Hotel, the beach is off limits for vehicles, and this is the spot for art in the sand.

The convention center area has a large and impressive live demonstration put on by several chainsaw wood carvers.

We waited all year for this weather.

Count the kites. Click image once or twice to show detail.

A busy scene:

For those who prefer the offseason, it’s also a great time to come and see us.

January beach day and tossing the tennis ball:

Or, leave the ball at home.


Grays Harbor County

Looks like a couple of local outlets recently have no Heineken to sell. If you are headed to the coast and this is your brew, maybe pack some along.

This has been a public service announcement from Oak Bay Starfish.


Washington Coast

We earned it.