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dsc_0421 Washing machine drum fire pit

dsc_0055-copy-3 Looking north from Hill Road

dsc_0102-copy-3 Admiralty Head Light

dsc_0050-copy-2 The Bluff Trail takes you to the high ground in the distance.

dsc_0060-copy-4 Looking north from Hill Road

dsc_0036-copy-2 Between storms

DSC_0081 copy In the news-

Extensive discussion & many comments follow this article: Town takes hard stance against increased OLF flight operations

More here: Commissioners deny grant, calling Coupeville ‘anti-Navy’

Related article here: New group seeks to find balance between community, Navy

My take:

I’m not interested in shutting down the Navy on Whidbey, but it’s time to stop glorifying military service. Lose the macho swagger. Lose the all caps comments, multiple exclamation points, & multiple ellipsis. Lose the group identity speak. Don’t tell us that our rights and freedoms come from people in uniform, or that we wouldn’t be able to post comments on the web if not for military operations in distant lands.

More here: DOD Maintaining Freedom?

Local scenes:

Ebey’s Landing

Bluff Trail

Fort Casey

Hill Road


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Coupeville Wharf & a sunny/foggy morning on Penn Cove