Americans do not live in a free and honest society.

School children are taught about a free enterprise system. They grow up to find out that the federal government will tell them what kind of shower head they must install in the bathroom, and what type of gas can they must buy for their generator.

American culture is good with lies about freedoms.

Americans are told that US troops are sent to distant lands to defend American rights and freedoms.

The US should maintain strong and ready military forces.

In some cases, the US Armed Forces provide for our security. That’s as good as it gets.

In terms of American rights and freedoms- The Dept. of Defense has no more say than the Dept. of Agriculture.

Legal marijuana, concealed carry of handguns, semi automatic rifle sales, federal minimum drinking age, federal toilet regulations, sports betting, federal gas can regulations/free enterprise system,
voting rights, bump stock baninterracial marriage, gay marriage, tobacco sales, open container laws, etc.

Freedoms come and go. None of the above are linked in any way with The Joint Chiefs of Staff, The Troops, The Dept. of Defense or the outcome of military operations overseas.

In addition to freedoms possibly enjoyed by all adults, those who are 18-20 years old are placed in a land of the free holding pattern.

Alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and firearms restrictions are in place for 18-20 year old adults. Is there any state where recreational marijuana laws remove prohibition for adults at age 18?

Doesn’t seem to fit with a society that can’t stop bragging about freedom, thanking the troops for freedoms, fighting wars for freedoms, staging military jet flyovers at sporting events for freedom, etc.

While the troops were deployed, federal law was signed prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to adults age 18-20.

December 21st 2019 KOMO News

Legal age to buy cigarettes, vapes raised to 21 nationwide

“Signed into law by President Donald Trump Friday as part of the new $1.4 trillion spending bill, a new measure prohibits the sale of tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21.”

Both major political parties are OK with treating 18-20 year old adults as second-class citizens.

Don’t look for newspeople to question any of this.


The Dept. of Defense was nowhere to be found on 911. We haven’t won a war since.

It feels like the people who run the Pentagon specialize in undeclared/unwon wars.

Any college or pro football coach would have been fired a dozen times over for what DOD has done with the US Armed Forces during the fake GWOT era.

National Guard

The people of Minnesota need more applicants to maintain a place to live and a regular job in their hometown area when they are not doing time in foreign lands helping DOD with undeclared/unwon wars and missions completely unrelated to their home state.

A few decades back, people might think of the National Guard as one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer plus a way to support your home state by being ready to get called out for floods, fires, natural disasters, civil unrest, etc. Maybe a way to help the next state over if they needed it.

In recent years, the National Guard has been sent to Syria, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo.

Any members of the press available to show up and ask why the people of Home State, USA needed services in distant lands, absent any military emergency, national emergency, draft, or declaration of war?

Recruiting crisis for Uncle Sam? Elected officials and top Pentagon Generals earned it.

The Fake War On Terror

A weak-minded culture avoids asking questions.

Americans were told that they faced a life and death situation after 911. If certain actions were not taken, terrorists could come to America to disrupt our way of life and attempt another 911.

Hey newspeople, if all this was a life and death situation that required sending the troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, wouldn’t it be important to ask a few public policy questions about what was going on?

American Rights and Freedoms?

Love to see the press, school teachers, sports announcers and politicians come clean on how any of this was linked to American rights and freedoms or defending the constitution.

Several federal holidays feature a theme related to the idea that the troops are sent to distant lands to defend American rights and freedoms.

Leaving Afghanistan – Lies About American Rights And Freedoms

Because We Said So



If REAL ID is critical to the safety of America, have travelers out at the airport been less safe since 911?

The new REAL ID requirement for domestic air travel has now been extended out more than 20 years past 911.

REAL ID & Drug Cartels

Love to see newspeople interview the US Dept. of Homeland Security & ask:

Are passports/enhanced/REAL IDs effective in keeping cartel drugs out of the US?

Standard driver’s licenses have not been accepted at the border since 2009.

Strict Post 911/Global War on Terror Security Protocols No Match For Cartels

If sending US troops to Afghanistan and creating a $49.8 billion (every 12 months) US Dept. of Homeland Security was meant to keep bad people from coming here to do bad things, why are drug cartels able to move product into all 50 states?

Source: DEA High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program

“There are currently 33 HIDTAs, and HIDTA-designated counties are located in 50 states, as well as in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia.”

Look for newspeople to ask zero questions in this area.

DEA’s drug threat report: Mexican cartel flooding Northwest with fentanyl

Source: March 2, 2021 KTVZ


July 8, 2021 The Chronicle

‘Every Day Is a Struggle’: Coeur d’Alene Family Struggles With Loss After Teenage Son Falls Victim to Surge in Fentanyl Overdoses

The problem isn’t just in Eastern Washington, but North Idaho. Notably, Kootenai County was added to the Idaho/Oregon High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area last year by the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy, allowing the region to receive grants focused on helping law enforcement agencies coordinate and share information.”

Would the DEA be out of work if a $49.8 billion (every 12 months) US Dept. of Homeland Security was able to keep cartel product from showing up in all 50 states?

DEA/Homeland Security Wasteful Spending Partnership – Newspeople Remain Silent


Welcome Home Troops

Thanks for risking your ass in Iraq & Afghanistan-working to keep bad people from coming here to do bad things.

Don’t worry-The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe:

Has General Milley’s Operation Macho Swagger reduced access to cartel product anywhere in the US?

Has there been enough time for newspeople to ask questions?

Newspeople remain silent.

April 1, 2020 C-SPAN

WWII costume reminds us of a time before decades of undeclared/unwon wars stacked up.

The Department of Defense track record goes back to 1949.

Both major parties and the press appear to be OK with undeclared/unwon wars.


Port Angeles

Local people find drugs and report to local (not federal) law enforcement authorities. Federal employees create news story and say that federal agents used a K-9 to “seize” the drugs.

Question for CBP:

Why does the news story created by CBP not line up with local reports?

Mainstream newspeople remain silent.

News links and Sheriff’s Dept. Facebook post here:

Port Angeles Border Patrol – Investigation Stalled For 3 Weeks?

Original blog post:

Port Angeles Border Patrol Agents Seize Meth?


Show up early to wait in line and squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube at the airport?

May 5, 2021 KOMO News

Wash. lab develops scanner that may eliminate need to remove shoes at airport

“This new technology could speed up the screening process by about 20% and eliminate the hassle of taking off shoes and putting them back on, researchers say.”

What keeps the terrorists of the GWOT from creating a disruption at the back end of the screening line?

Has anyone ever seen any member of the press ask questions on this?


If the CIA (est 1947) serves as an advantage to the US, why does the Department of Defense have such a poor record of winning undeclared wars going back to 1949, the year DOD was established?


Puget Sound Ferry Ride

If the Oklahoma City bomber rolls onto the ferry- how does the SWAT team help out an hour later?

Maybe security personnel are present at some specific terminals each day. Over the past 20 years, dozens of round trip crossings from various terminals indicate that in many cases- no security screening takes place prior to boarding ferries.

Washington State Ferry Ride

Washington State Ferries Security – Looking for Clarification


In 1999, I finished my time in the USMC with a solid attitude and a patriotic spirit.

Sports is a much more honest part of American culture.

After each game, the press has access to coaches and players. All sorts of information is available all of the time. No FOIA request required to find out what is going on.

Coaches get fired for months of poor play. Newspeople and politicians are more about information suppression and not asking questions.

Reporters are free to ask hard questions and write stories about teams, players, managers and coaches in sports.

Sports teams make no use of a Press Secretary to provide only the desired version of answers to questions.

The open attitude about sports reporting does not cross over to stories about the US Dept. of Homeland Security, big drug busts, The Troops, the War on Terror or local water quality impacted by sewage treatment plant outfalls.

Possibly of interest:

America Deserves A Military Recruiting Crisis

Veterans Day Nonsense – 2022

Was It A Fake War On Terror?

Maybe Get Away From The Bragging About Freedom?

Veterans Day Nonsense

Unsustainable Military Spending

Growing Up In The Cold War Era

How does Uncle Sam plan to attract young people to sign up in the years ahead?

2022 – Armed Forces Recruiting Culture


How Do The Troops Defend The Constitution?

Not asking about the oath of enlistment. Asking about what happens after the oath has been taken.

When the US Armed Forces are sent to Lebanon, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Vietnam, etc.-how is that defending the US Constitution-or our rights and freedoms, or our physical security?

Look for newspeople and school teachers to ask zero questions in these areas.


Looks like some honesty here:

Care Packages a Powerful Symbol of the Military-Civilian Divide


“What the troops really needed from the American public was interest in what was going on in Afghanistan. The failures of our efforts, which are many and well-recounted elsewhere, had been evident to service members for a long time. That America persisted, knowing our strategies were mostly ineffective, amounted to negligence, and it resulted not only in troop deaths but in a bad hit to America’s credibility abroad and, crucially, untold human tragedy for the Afghan people. With limited public pressure to do better, however, there was little imperative for politicians and military leaders to change. We needed people to be angry—for people, to put this as simply as possible, to actually care.”

Recommendations for ending the military-civilian divide:

People might come around if they had a say in undeclared/unwon wars. When do we get to vote on all this?

Whatever happened to the formal congressional declaration of war?

This would be the time to hear from elected leaders and top generals Re: lessons learned on all the issues that have doomed the Department of Defense track record for winning wars since DOD was established in 1949.

Stop glorifying military service.

As the decades of undeclared/unwon wars stack up (The Department of Defense track record goes back to 1949.) the greater the cultural urge to glorify people who do, or did time in uniform.

Stop telling us that undeclared/unwon wars overseas are somehow linked to American rights & freedoms.

Cure the Military-Civilian Divide?

Lies And Propaganda For Your Freedoms







Early winter morning- Point Wilson, Washington