Will an older generation encourage a younger generation to do time in the US Armed Forces in the years ahead?

The guys who did time in the Vietnam War may have grown up in a family where Dad was a WWII veteran.

The guys who did time in the Vietnam War may have been WWII veterans.

A Draft?

If DOD was an NFL team, sports talk radio would feature comments like:

The Dept. of Defense was nowhere to be found on 911. We haven’t won a war since.

Before making any plans to start up a draft, let’s get the press to find out from elected officials how sending US Troops to Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, etc., is somehow defending the constitution.


Disinformation Governance Board?

Stop telling lies about freedom.

The effort to stamp out misinformation in social media does not apply to major TV networks promoting the idea that US troops are sent to distant lands to defend American rights and freedoms.

Misinformation and Militarized Freedom Nonsense


“Fought for freedom on foreign battlefields”

The US should maintain strong and ready military forces.

In some cases, the US Armed Forces provide for our security. That’s as good as it gets.

In terms of American rights and freedoms- The Dept. of Defense has no more say than the Dept. of Agriculture.

Legal marijuana, concealed carry of handguns, semi automatic rifle sales, federal minimum drinking age, sports betting, voting rights, bump stock baninterracial marriage, gay marriage, tobacco sales, open container laws, etc.

None of these are linked in any way with The Joint Chiefs of Staff, The Troops, The Dept. of Defense or the outcome of military operations overseas.

May 28, 2020 WMAR

Salisbury Mayor deploying to Africa with Maryland National Guard

I am honored to do my part to ensure that the citizens of this community and all Americans remain safe and free.”

Several news sources published this quote. View them here.

The idea that sending hometown troops to Africa would be linked in any way with keeping the people of Salisbury Maryland safe and free calls for more discussion.

Mayor Day,

While the troops were deployed, federal law was signed prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to adults age 18-20.

Can you help us to understand the militarized version of freedom here?

December 21st 2019 KOMO News

Legal age to buy cigarettes, vapes raised to 21 nationwide

“Signed into law by President Donald Trump Friday as part of the new $1.4 trillion spending bill, a new measure prohibits the sale of tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21.”

As the decades of undeclared/unwon wars stack up (The Department of Defense track record goes back to 1949.) the greater the cultural urge to glorify people who do, or did time in uniform.

If there is an honest reason to send people away into decades of undeclared/unwon wars overseas let’s hear all about it.

Just Be Honest.

Stop with the glorification of undeclared/unwon wars in distant lands.


Jan 25, 2021 The New York Times

Guard soldier in the Capitol flips double-birds at a plaque bearing Speaker Pelosi’s name as his buddies take photos. He is now under investigation

The Dept. of Defense has a truly poor track record for winning undeclared wars since DOD was established way back in 1949.

How does the USA plan to attract young people to sign up in the years ahead?

More here:

Growing Up In The Cold War Era

I’ve never been one to say that military benefits are inadequate. Just stick with whatever was offered when people signed up to stay on for multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and we’re good.

Every few years, no matter what political party or personality is in power, there are moves to modify what people thought they were earning in exchange for 20 years of unrestricted worldwide service.

The plan is to save cash by reducing the traditional DOD military benefits that were used to entice people to stay for multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is the same country where both major parties invite veterans to be momentarily honored at State of the Union events when they control the White House.

Football games are also used to honor veterans:

0:12 the man is barely conscious when greeted by team owner Jerry Jones:

Everyone seems to love it. When the made for TV event is over, veteran’s benefits may be up for grabs again:

Unsustainable Military Spending


How Do The Troops Defend The Constitution?

Not asking about the oath of enlistment. Asking about what happens after the oath has been taken.

When the US Armed Forces are sent to Lebanon, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Vietnam, etc.-how is that defending the US Constitution-or our rights and freedoms, or our physical security?

Look for newspeople and school teachers to ask zero questions in these areas.

Veterans Day Nonsense


May 16, 2022 update:

2022 – Armed Forces Recruiting Culture


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