Love to see newspeople out asking questions.

What we get now is sort of a press release style of news reporting where a statement is prepared by whatever agency was involved in the latest policy update, drug bust/federal grant money award, etc.

Newspeople post this statement as is. A 5th grade book report would require more in the way of asking questions.


Sep 22, 2021 Q13 FOX

Burien Police seize more than 40,000 fentanyl-laced tablets during arrest

Newspeople didn’t show up to ask questions, so we will ask a few here. Our questions appear in bold type.

What role does a $49.8 billion (every 12 months) US Dept. of Homeland Security play in keeping fentanyl from entering the Puget Sound area?


The pills seized were cartel product or were they stolen from local pharmacies, hospitals, etc. Were the pills the same as what would come in a legal prescription or were they manufactured for the illegal drug trade?


We have been hearing of opioid lawsuits in recent years. How do cartels react to opioid lawsuits?


Would the DEA be out of work if a $49.8 billion (every 12 months) US Dept. of Homeland Security was able to keep cartel product from showing up all over the US?


Has local CBP been able to reduce access to cartel product in the Puget Sound area?

Port Angeles

Local people find drugs and report to local (not federal) law enforcement authorities. Federal employees create news story and say that federal agents used a K-9 to “seize” the drugs.

Question for CBP:

Why does the news story created by CBP not line up with local reports?

Mainstream newspeople remain silent.

News links and Sheriff’s Dept. Facebook post here:

Port Angeles Border Patrol – Investigation Stalled For 3 Weeks?

Original blog post:

Port Angeles Border Patrol Agents Seize Meth?


Welcome Home Troops Thanks for risking your ass in Iraq & Afghanistan-working to keep bad people from coming here to do bad things. Don’t worry-The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe, and newspeople will play along by not asking any questions:


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