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Rescued and adopted. Spayed and neutered. Indoor only.



Our cats are not big on toys from the pet store, but this one has been a winner. A battery operated fish that would flop around when new. The cats stripped away the mechanical parts and still love to play with it or lay on it even though it no longer moves on its own.


Tues morning at home.



No, Thanks.


Photos by Monica.


Forget about the pet store.

A crumpled paper bag on a cardboard box is just the ticket for a spot to rest for our rescued/adopted/spayed/neutered/indoor only kitty.

Plenty of other more comfy spots are available at all times.


Bath rug is favorite item to lay on.


Monica is back in the house.


These guys are indoor only.

Photo by Monica.

Camper was dumped off in a campground years ago. He has always been a little spooky. It’s nice to see him relax.

Don’t encourage them.

Photos with GF by Monica.


WAIF Animal Shelter was easy to work with.