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B.I.L. rolled up after spending the winter in Yuma.

Feels like a sunny & wintry day on Whidbey.

Pork & chicken with apple wood smoke on the grill.

A decent IPA:

Less ABV:


It’s been a good week around here.


Photo above:

Working to support local recycling efforts.

This was me 15 years ago. Maybe more quantity, less quality.


Today, my two favorite styles are NW or West Coast IPA and German Pilsner.

German beer is hard to find at the grocery store where I live.

Two lessons that we at Oak Bay Starfish cling to:

Maybe the best beers require the least advertising.

The best beer is the one you enjoy most.


It’s Thanksgiving today.

Over here, we are going with:

The Drunken Chicken

I’d have this guy over any time, to help me get it right:


Along for the afternoon: Classic Deep Cuts



Whidbey Island has been blasted by wind & rain storms in recent days. The Keystone ferry route has been shut down due to high winds off & on.

We’ll take a winter short cut on the BBQ. We are headed towards soft pork tacos.

We’ll start start the Weber using the chimney method. Make a not too big pile of coals and place them all the way over to one side. Add a pork roast as far away from the coals as possible. We place a good handful or two of apple wood chips over the coals and cover with vents open for a good 45 mins. Maybe longer.

We don’t want to be tending the BBQ in bad weather, or running late with cooking on Sunday. After the roast has had time to take on the smoke flavor, we are done with the BBQ. We are not working outside to cook the pork roast, only to give it a smoke flavor.

After 45 mins to an hour, we bring the roast in and place it in a crock pot.

Add onions, jalapeños & spices to your taste. Set the crock pot to low and let it go overnight. The apple wood smoke flavor will fill the house & we don’t care anymore about winter storms outside.

Enjoy a beer and some cozy time inside.


No crowds today at Fort Ebey.


Along for the afternoon: Classic Deep Cuts


The bend test


These guys know how to take care of business:


Southern Comfort & Tonic with Lemon

Enjoyed working on an October afternoon project.

Thanks for the apples Carl.

Along for the day: Classic Deep Cuts

Watching the fog clear on a Fort Ebey walk with Olivia. Later, back home for Harvest Fest 2018 with friends and family. The rain left us alone for the day.

Made with king oyster mushrooms. Many recipes on the web.

Thanks Carl

A scenic seaport town on an island. Interesting local geography, several nice parks and a farmers market.


Rockfish Grill – Friendly bar. Good service.


Union Tavern – Friendly bar. Good service. Stopped in for a very nice On That Dust IPA.


San Juan Lanes Bar and Grill – Friendly location. Good service. Very nice Fish & Chips. Haven’t tried the bar yet. It opens at 4 PM.


Real Tequila Tex-Mex Restaurant – We enjoyed this one more than the fancy Mexican restaurant in town. These are the only two we have tried so far.



Stop everything. See if BBQ still works.

Plant based life partner celebrates the new season:

Photo above: A Sunny/Foggy view from Point Partridge.

Fort Ebey surf and the Olympic Mountains

Busy shipping lanes

Looking South to Perego’s Lagoon

Nice enough to BBQ

Good Day for a fire out back-

Thanks for the Ninkasi, Bill

Left unsupervised. A departure from the Plant Based diet.

Langley, WA

Don’t miss Village Pizzeria– just up the hill.

High above the water. Great views, great service, great food. Full bar.

We’ll be back.

Family tradition – Turkey on the Weber

We found a new spot in Seaside. Luann was our bartender. We were very happy with our visit on a day that was still nice enough to sit outside.

U Street Clam Dip- loved it:

See you next time.

I prefer the atmosphere of a good Northwest pub. Over the past 10 years or so- I have been to several of these mom & pops locations where there has been an odd vibe.

It feels like- if you didn’t go to high school with the people who run the bar, or come in five or six days a week at 1530- that you may be seen as some sort of second class citizen and the service will reflect that.

I’ve experienced this at a couple of places in Port Townsend, one in Port Hadlock, one in Coupeville and maybe one in Edison.

Are these folks just scattered, busy or burnt out?

Maybe they were just having an off day when I was there.

I’m always on good behavior and tip well. I appreciate good service.

I’ve always had good luck with the bar at any Applebee’s I’ve been to. We recently visited the Oak Harbor location. We will be back. It’s clear that the people who work at the bar place a priority on customer service. Much appreciated.

I used to enjoy the bar service at 7 Cedars Casino. We moved away from the area, so it’s been a long time, but they always ran a good bar in there. The casino at Ocean Shores is probably one of the most lacking casino bars I have been to. That was a few years back- maybe they have improved.

We recently visited a nice spot where we went in for the very first time and really enjoyed it. We will continue to show up at the NW pubs.





Photo- Hill Road


Back in the late 70s.

More here: Beer

A nice place to enjoy one.








Corned Beef Hash for Breakfast