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I prefer the atmosphere of a good Northwest pub. Over the past 10 years or so- I have been to several of these mom & pops locations where there has been an odd vibe.

It feels like- if you didn’t go to high school with the people who run the bar, or come in five or six days a week at 1530- that you may be seen as some sort of second class citizen and the service will reflect that.

I’ve experienced this at a couple of places in Port Townsend, one in Port Hadlock, one in Coupeville and maybe one in Edison.

Are these folks just scattered, busy or burnt out?

Maybe they were just having an off day when I was there.

I’m always on good behavior and tip well. I appreciate good service.

I’ve always had good luck with the bar at any Applebee’s I’ve been to. We recently visited the Oak Harbor location. We will be back. It’s clear that the people who work at the bar place a priority on customer service. Much appreciated.

I used to enjoy the bar service at 7 Cedars Casino. We moved away from the area, so it’s been a long time, but they always ran a good bar in there. The casino at Ocean Shores is probably one of the most lacking casino bars I have been to. That was a few years back- maybe they have improved.

We recently visited a nice spot where we went in for the very first time and really enjoyed it. We will continue to show up at the NW pubs.


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Corned Beef Hash for Breakfast




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In the glass: SHOE TOSS

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2009 was a good year for tomatoes at Port Hadlock.



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Our buyers inspect and select only the leanest cuts of meat for the grill-


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