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The wind and rain has eased up for a bit. Out to the beach before daylight, and it was a really good morning for clams. First outing for clams since living in Port Hadlock years ago.


Washington Coast


Several years ago, we lost a chunk of a plum tree. Much of this was set aside for a future BBQ project.

Today was the day to use this aged wood for smoking on the grill.

Pork steak can be sliced/cubed and used for tacos or added to stir-fried asian noodles.

This is the plan for tonight.

Along for the afternoon: Classic Deep Cuts


Local sunset




Mount Walker – snow in May

Yakima River Canyon

No crowds on this day – Freshwater Bay

36 Years – No Car Payment

400,000 Miles – June 2021
375,000 Miles – June 2013
350,000 Miles – June 2008
325,000 Miles – December 2005
20 Years Service – January 2005
300,000 Miles – May 2004
2 Ex-Wives let me keep it!

Original owner. Paid cash – January 1985
Replaced the car I had in High School


The miles have gone on more slowly in recent years. I have not lived in a community served by traffic reports in more than 20 years.

Was commuting 300 miles a week during the last four years I lived in California.

Purchased new in Orange, California in January of 1985, during my time at USMCAS El Toro.

Truck was manufactured in St.Louis, Missouri.

Where did we go?

San Diego

Wichita Falls, Texas

El Paso, Texas

New Jersey

North Carolina

South Carolina





Victoria, B.C. Canada

Also camping, trips to deserts, mountains, backroads, beaches, scenic drives and many places in between.






This Craftsman 1/2″ Drive Quick Release Ratchet V 44975 was left in an old tool box & forgotten. The selector switch was hard to turn and the ratchet action was very rough.

Took it apart today to clean & lube.

Had to go back and check the video half way through the job. Good as new now.


B.I.L. rolled up after spending the winter in Yuma.

Feels like a sunny & wintry day on Whidbey.

Pork & chicken with apple wood smoke on the grill.

A decent IPA:

Less ABV:



Today was a nice day to work outside.

We had fun with sunflowers last year. Today was the day to pull out the last of them, chop them up and add them to the compost pile.



Click image twice to show detail.

Changing seasons:

Bird Feeder Fun