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The beach is back.

Local info:

Two Bluff Trails


Daytime beach walks are back.


Hastie Lake/Strait of Juan de Fuca

Back in 2016:

Winter boat launch scene


A view from the beach at Ebey’s Landing.

Protection Island and the Olympic Mountains in the distance.


Spirits are on the rise. A season of expectation, overscheduling, emotion, obligation, memories, deadlines, marketing, advertising, programming, photo moments, and unusually crowded stores, shipping outlets, ferry and air terminals comes to a close.

How many Friday and Saturday evenings are there in December? Hurry and take a look because holiday and office parties, tree lighting events, etc., will need to be fit in somewhere.

Ready, Set, Go!

Almost a cultural peer pressure that sets up many people to try to do the same thing at the same time, now becomes a time of doing more or less with life because it’s meaningful, not because the calendar says so.

Never here to take away from others what is meaningful to them, just an urge to duck out all year long and be somewhere near the slow lane.


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Looking north towards the Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail


Fort Ebey


Geography note:

A line from Point Partridge to Point Wilson is the boundary between Admiralty Inlet and of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Waiting on a wave at Point Partridge

Local trails overview here:

Two Bluff Trails

Fort Ebey Surf Forecast

Point Partridge Tide Predictions

Article describing local surf conditions:

Surfing on Whidbey Island Fort Ebey State Park


Fort Ebey


A view from Sharpe Cove.


The wooden sign at Libbey Beach is gone.

Something with an industrial look has taken its place.

A Favorite Spot


A view from Rosario Beach.


B.C. excursion boat heads out.


Looking out to Northwest Island

Site details here.

Just north of Perego’s Lagoon, on the Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail.

Two Bluff Trails


Just north of Perego’s Lagoon, on the Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail.

Two Bluff Trails


Just north of Perego’s Lagoon on Monday.

The Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail will take you there. I walked out from the cemetery.


A tide calendar at home was a routine part of growing up near Puget Sound in the 70s.

Like phone books, these may be fading away now.

Indian Beach, OR

No crowds today at Fort Ebey

Point Partridge

Fort Ebey

Local info here.

Indian Beach, Oregon

From Indian Beach

Local history here.