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A view from Sharpe Cove.


An earlier visit here.

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First time out to a new trail today at Fort Ebey.

A couple of eagles watched over the beach during our visit.


Two Bluff Trails


Just north of Perego’s Lagoon, on the Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail.

Two Bluff Trails


No hurry to change.

A view from the Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail.

Two Bluff Trails


Two Bluff Trails

Two Bluff Trails


Fort Ebey Bluff Trail


A view from the Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail.

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Two Bluff Trails




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Two Bluff Trails



A winter afternoon at Fort Ebey.


Out on the trails of Fort Ebey.


“Few People Know There’s A Washington Island You Can Walk To”

The article above showcases Camano Island.

Folks may also walk to:

Leque, Bainbridge, Whidbey, Marrowstone, Indian & Fidalgo Islands.


Possibly of interest: Proper Geographic Names


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Photo- Looking towards the Deception Pass Bridge from the Fidalgo Island side of the park.


No crowds today at Fort Ebey

Stormy surf out there today.

Three or four feet off the ground.

This one is past its prime, but it gives an idea of how large some varieties of mushrooms may get at Fort Ebey.

Sunny when you get out in the open.


Point Partridge

Fort Ebey

Riepma Apples

Thanks for the truck wheel Carl.

Local info here.