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Image above:

Posted in the recent edition of The Ocean Observer top of page B-2

A favorite tide data page here.


When the time is right, the top of Mount Rainier is visible from this cam:

Westport – coastal weather cam here.


Possibly of interest:

98569 Coastal Erosion Attitudes

Imagine telling the fishing boat captains over at Westport that their access to a 100 year old armor-plated harbor was going to be let go


Probably 20 years back.


Mystery Bay


Walk to the Weatherwax

Local info here.


Much history (town of Ocosta) here.

River Otter?

Old Pilings

An excellent blog with local info – posted here with permission:

Bottle Beach State Park – state parks quest #14



Washington Coast – The North Beach


Pelican moving through.

July 10th:

Pelicans are back


Recent early morning walk – Washington Coast


Washington Coast


Out to North Jetty on a fantastic January day.

Looking over towards Westport. The ship here is CORAL GEM.

Several sites on the web offer info on ship locations.

Click image once or twice to show detail.

Mount Rainier


Washington Coast



A few hours of dry weather on Tuesday. This trail was well sheltered from the wind.

Local info here.


Ocean City State Park


A fantastic late September day.

Looking from Damon Point towards the Westport Jetty.

Washington Coast


Pacific Time


Washington Coast


Washington Coast


Washington Coast


Port Townsend


Looking towards the San Juan Islands from Point Partridge.

Local walking ideas:

Two Bluff Trails


Lake Pondilla


Local walking ideas:

Two Bluff Trails


Fort Ebey – Cedar Hollow Trail

Looking towards Perego’s Lagoon.

Busy shipping lanes.


More local walking ideas:

Two Bluff Trails


From the Fort Ebey Bluff Trail. Looking towards Perego’s Lagoon and Seattle.

Plenty of woodsy trails.


More local walking ideas:

Two Bluff Trails



Click image twice to show detail.



Point Partridge

Local info:

Two Bluff Trails


Hill Road