Beachcombing may be an effort to find items to collect and bring home. Some people may be out to do a minor or major beach cleanup project. Some may be out to get a few photos or to take a look at how people are living their lives near the water.

Shallow water beachcombing is also an activity I enjoy. There can be a lot to see in the part of the beach that is not on dry land.

There is a lonely stretch of beach between Perego’s Lagoon and Fort Ebey. Less people can mean better beachcombing.

Hatch cover from a yacht. I found this item in the Port Townsend area.

This works well as an elevated table top when placed on sawhorses during a backyard bbq. Also great when set up like an outdoor coffee table.

This item was crying out for a little TLC when I found it.

Out back by the fire pit.

Local beach glass

A good spot to add to your collection.

Sometimes the outing is just a chance to take a look around.

Maybe a chance to see something from a time gone by.

Maybe a chance to work on a project.

A chance to see how people are living their lives near the water.

Starting a new day at Port Hadlock by rowing ashore:

Happy Hours

Quality time at Point Partridge

Oregon Coast

Low tide

Shallow water beachcombing at Fort Casey/Keystone Harbor

Oak Bay

Moon snail on the move

Fort Flagler

WA State Parks tell us not to collect driftwood for a campfire.

Sometimes firewood becomes driftwood.

We’ll save our picnic for another day.


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