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Enjoying a little downtime.

Washington Coast – The North Beach

It feels like a chunk of our high school off-hours, from about 1975-1979 were sponsored by Rainier Brewing.

Along for the afternoon: Classic Deep Cuts


Happy Hours



Did not collect this one.

Washington Coast – The North Beach

Past finds:



I have seen signs in WA State Parks telling us not to collect and burn driftwood.

Sometimes firewood becomes driftwood.


No collecting or burning driftwood

Never Collect or Burn Driftwood


Beachcombing may be an effort to find items to collect and bring home. Some people may be out to do a minor or major beach cleanup project. Some may be out to get a few photos or to take a look at how people are living their lives near the water.

Shallow water beachcombing is also an activity I enjoy. There can be a lot to see in the part of the beach that is not on dry land.

There is a lonely stretch of beach between Perego’s Lagoon and Fort Ebey. Less people can mean better beachcombing.

Hatch cover from a yacht. I found this item in the Port Townsend area.

This works well as an elevated table top when placed on sawhorses during a backyard bbq. Also great when set up like an outdoor coffee table.

This item was crying out for a little TLC when I found it.

Out back by the fire pit.

Local beach glass

A good spot to add to your collection.

Sometimes the outing is just a chance to take a look around.

Maybe a chance to see something from a time gone by.

Maybe a chance to work on a project.

A chance to see how people are living their lives near the water.

Starting a new day at Port Hadlock by rowing ashore:

Happy Hours

Quality time at Point Partridge

Oregon Coast

Low tide

Shallow water beachcombing at Fort Casey/Keystone Harbor

Oak Bay

Moon snail on the move

Fort Flagler

WA State Parks tell us not to collect driftwood for a campfire.

Sometimes firewood becomes driftwood.

We’ll save our picnic for another day.


Beach Find


Washington Coast

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Also fun to find:

Local beach glass


Westport, WA




More here: No collecting or burning driftwood


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Photos- Firewood that got away and became driftwood.






good spot to add to your collection.

Top photo- beach glass in the wild- as seen between North Beach & Glass Beach.

DSC_0030 4

Ruby Beach– Jefferson County, WA



A good spot to add to your collection.