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March 29, 2023 The Daily World

Crosswalk installation begins in Ocean Shores

City says construction on long-awaited project will be fully complete by July

Well done on getting this project underway.

Ocean Shores has some nice, modern crosswalks. There is a nice one at Ocean Lake Way/Point Brown Ave. Unfortunately, Ocean Shores is not a pedestrian-friendly town. Step away from the crosswalk at Ocean Lake Way/Point Brown Ave. and you very quickly arrive in a walker’s no man’s land. Your pedestrian friendly moment is now over. Walk towards the Elk’s Club from that point and see what I mean.

Ocean Shores Is Not a Pedestrian Friendly Town

Meet me at Ocean Shores McDonald’s. We will stay on that side of the street, facing traffic and walk north on Point Brown Ave NE, all the way up to the Beacon Pest Control facility, just across from the entrance to Ocean Shores. Walking this route will suck. Couples & families are staying in a hotel room near the beach. They want to go on foot and see the town, maybe have a beer and avoid drinking and driving, maybe visit the shops, head over to Galway Bay, Lucky Dragon, walk over to Playtime Family Fun, etc. Traveling on foot will suck. Much room for improvement here and the new project described above will help with that.

When people finish using the new crosswalk, will they quickly arrive again in the pedestrian no man’s land?

Possibly of interest:

$6.3 million in federal cash for a used hotel.

Any questions from newspeople?

Room For Improvement – 98569

Damon Point Beach Access

Federal Cash For The Coast – 98569








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