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From Libbey Beach


From Libbey Beach


Walk from Libbey Beach to Point Partridge & return.

Windy enough earlier to shut down the Port Townsend/Keystone ferry route. Calm at the beach this afternoon. Light rain on the way back to Libbey Beach.

More local walking ideas:

Two Bluff Trails





Google maps shows a route that completely avoids the beach and crosses through private property.


Check the tides and maybe go when you can enjoy a cool and foggy outing. Listen to the surf, sea birdsĀ and fog horns along the way. Listen for the Point Partridge bell buoy on days with any wave action.

When the time is right, look for surfers at Point Partridge.

Local info:

Two Bluff Trails





Walking south from Libbey Beach to Fort Ebey.


New snow on the Olympics. A view from Libbey Beach.

From Fort Ebey.


The wooden sign at Libbey Beach is gone.

Something with an industrial look has taken its place.

A Favorite Spot


The view from Libbey Beach

Local map here.

dsc_0005 from Libbey Beach




DSC_0133 copy 2

DSC_0143 Libbey Beach


DSC_0057 copy 3

DSC_0107 Looking south



DSC_0180 copy 2 Looking towards the Olympic Peninsula

DSC_0132 copy