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B.I.L. rolled up after spending the winter in Yuma.

Feels like a sunny & wintry day on Whidbey.

Pork & chicken with apple wood smoke on the grill.

A decent IPA:

Less ABV:




Not far from here.


A view from Van Dam Road



About a mile south of Deception Pass.


South of Deception Pass.


About a mile south of Deception Pass.


About a mile south of Deception Pass.


South of Deception Pass






North end of Perego’s Lagoon.

Local info:

Two Bluff Trails


The beach is back.

Local info:

Two Bluff Trails


Headed south on the Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail.

Local info:

Two Bluff Trails


Daytime beach walks are back.


A few small projects taken care of, then time to see if the barbecue still works.

Mexican beer update:

West Coast/NW IPA

German Pilsner

Beers from Mexico

These are my favorite styles.

Several of the Mexican beers I’ve tried, I would call routine.

Low on flavor and low on alcohol content. This would make sense if you were reaching for a beer in a location where 100° temps are the norm.

My favorite Mexican beer:


I also enjoy Carta Blanca, Modelo, and Corona Extra.

The Bohemia beer can be hard to find in the grocery store and in restaurants.

I would rate the Corona Familiar pictured at the top of the page as a routine Mexican beer.

What others have to say:


Green/Clear Beer Bottle Myths?

Neil Young at 9:07


Hastie Lake/Strait of Juan de Fuca

Back in 2016:

Winter boat launch scene


A view from the beach at Ebey’s Landing.

Protection Island and the Olympic Mountains in the distance.


German Pilsner

One of my favorite styles, and one that can be hard to find in the local grocery store.

An enthusiastic review:

Along for the afternoon: Classic Deep Cuts


North end of Perego’s Lagoon.

Local info:

Two Bluff Trails


On the Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail.

Busy shipping lanes and the Olympic Mountains:

Local info:

Two Bluff Trails


Sun came out.

There’s a rush hour out there somewhere.

A really nice beer. Always enjoy this one.

Looking like a good date:

Along for the afternoon: Classic Deep Cuts


Coupeville/Penn Cove is on the eastern shore of Whidbey Island-no ferry link to Port Townsend exists there.

After weeks of storms, we walked on the ferry and spent a few sunny hours on Saturday with family in historic Port Townsend.

This may be one of the most scenic ferry routes in the lower 48.

Possibly of interest:

Occasionally Looking for the Coupeville Ferry

Washington State Ferry Ride

Ferry Traffic Leaving Coupeville Terminal Routed Away From Coupeville



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After a month of storms, ferry links shut down, Hood Canal bridge closed, etc., the sun made a showing today.

Happy Sunday.

Really enjoy the IPA style, but the alcohol content can be a little high.

Pairing a Mexican beer with a decent tequila probably brings the alcohol impact right back up, but we are celebrating a calm & sunny winter day.


Whidbey Island has been blasted by wind & rain storms in recent days. The Keystone ferry route has been shut down due to high winds off & on.

We’ll take a winter short cut on the BBQ. We are headed towards soft pork tacos.

We’ll start start the Weber using the chimney method. Make a not too big pile of coals and place them all the way over to one side. Add a pork roast as far away from the coals as possible. We place a good handful or two of apple wood chips over the coals and cover with vents open for a good 45 mins. Maybe longer.

We don’t want to be tending the BBQ in bad weather, or running late with cooking on Sunday. After the roast has had time to take on the smoke flavor, we are done with the BBQ. We are not working outside to cook the pork roast, only to give it a smoke flavor.

After 45 mins to an hour, we bring the roast in and place it in a crock pot.

Add onions, jalapeños & spices to your taste. Set the crock pot to low and let it go overnight. The apple wood smoke flavor will fill the house & we don’t care anymore about winter storms outside.

Enjoy a beer and some cozy time inside.