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Just north of Perego’s Lagoon.

Looking north towards Fort Ebey.

A winter view here.




dsc_0051-copy From the Bluff Trail

dsc_0080 A view from the Bluff Trail

dsc_0084 From the Bluff Trail


DSC_0160 Local history: Perego Man stumps the experts

DSC_0319 Near the north end of Perego’s Lagoon

DSC_0092 North end of Perego’s Lagoon- from the Bluff Trail

DSC_0045 Looking south from the Bluff Trail

DSC_0210 Local history


DSC_0121 copy Looking south from the Bluff Trail

DSC_0182 A view from from the Bluff Trail

DSC_0070 copy 4Watching the fog clear- from the Bluff Trail

DSC_0293 How to get there- here

DSC_0168 copy How to get there- here

DSC_0078 copy From the Bluff Trail

Another angle

DSC_0155Plant seen on the Bluff Trail