Oak Harbor Chamber:

“Have you heard!? Oak Harbor won for Best Summer Day Escape!”

Seattle Refined:

The Best Summer Day Escape is…

Oak Harbor!

“…home to beautiful views of the water, campgrounds, B&B’s, city parks, county parks, national parks, RV parks, state parks, farmers markets, fishing, scuba diving, golfing – all of the things!”

Yes, be sure to plan to enjoy the national and state parks you’ll find situated in Oak Harbor.

The Welcome to Oak Harbor sign is located miles south of Deception Pass State Park. Why not move it north to the Deception Pass Bridge so visitors will know that Oak Harbor includes a stunning state park?

National Park? Really more of a Coupeville thing.

Welcome sign placed way down by the shore of Penn Cove:

People who live here pay property tax into the Coupeville school district.

Oak Harbor is several miles in the rear view mirror by the time you arrive at this point.


There is no possibility that I would tell curious family members, friends, visitors, etc., that Oak Harbor is home to a state or national park.

Yes- I would recommend a visit to Deception Pass State Park and Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve. I would also recommend AnacortesLa ConnerSkagit Valley and Coupeville. I’d let them know that you’d need to get away from Oak Harbor to visit these locations.

Photo above- Looking for the Coupeville ferry

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Photo- Oak Harbor Traffic Patterns