Voting is highly emphasized in American culture. Asking questions related to public policy takes a lower priority.

Pizza delivery, marijuana and booze sales roll on as government agencies phase out access and services.

Local press responds with reduced coverage and less in the way of asking questions.

Island County WA 

“You may renew your license up to 90 days prior to the expiration date for a fee of $32.00, or up to 90 days after the expiration date for a late renewal fee of $42.00. During the closure of our offices to the public you may mail in your completed CPL renewal paperwork along with the appropriate fees in check or money order payable to Island County Sheriff – please do not send cash…”

“Upon receipt of your paperwork and fee our office will renew your license and hold it until we are able to open our offices to the public. At that time you will be able to come in with your state or federally issued identification and pick it up. Please check back often to the website to see when the restrictions have been lifted.”

“***Also in your application packet please indicate where you would prefer to pick up the license once the closures are lifted. (Camano Island, Freeland Precinct or Coupeville Offices)”

Island County WA elected a new Sheriff more than a year ago. I’m not seeing his name show up in the news related to public meetings, policy updates, press releases, public statements, etc. Maybe local newspeople can arrange for an interview?


Maine media works to keep the public informed:

March 29, 2020 Q 96.1


“State of Maine Resident Permit to Carry Concealed Firearms is still valid for 6 months following the expiration date so do not worry if yours has expired.”


Whidbey Pizza delivery rolls on.

Several local outlets still at it:

Pizza Hut Oak Harbor


Domino’s Pizza Oak Harbor, WA


Papa John’s Pizza State Route 20


Maybe local newspeople can arrange for an interview with the ranger in charge of state parks on Whidbey Island?

State Parks

We’re sort of surrounded by State Parks here on Whidbey Island.

On March 26th, I was surprised to find the gate at Fort Ebey closed.

When I returned home, I checked the State Parks web site and found:

Day-use areas and trails remain open.”

Seems like people should be welcome to get past a gate at the perimeter of the park to access day-use areas and trails if the intent is to keep them open.


Maybe local newspeople can arrange for a telephone interview with a representative from WDFW?


Day-use areas and trails remain open at State Parks, but digging a bucket of clams places people at risk?

All recreational fishing and shellfishing, wildlife areas, and water access areas are closed for at least two weeks starting Wednesday, March 25. Visit the COVID-19 webpage for more information.”

North side of Penn Cove at Monroe Landing

“This beach is within the closure area for a sewage treatment plant outfall and is unsafe for recreational shellfish harvesting.”

Is the sewage treatment plant is sending unsafe product into Penn Cove?

Reporting on this topic appears to be completely off limits to the press.


Marijuana and booze sales roll on:

March 25, 2020 The Seattle Times

In coronavirus closures, Washington state pot and liquor stores can stay open; sales have spiked for a while


Local press:



Podcast 3 Closing All Recreational Fishing & Shellfishing Statewide

Possibly of interest:

Podcast 4 Another Month With An R – Whidbey Sewage Treatment Plant Outfalls



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