March 25, 2020 KREM

Gov. Inslee signs Washington plastic bag ban into law

“The legislation bans retailers from giving out single-use plastic carryout bags and requires an 8-cent charge for others. It goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2021.”


March 26, 2020 The Inlander

Rosauers is banning reusable bags, putting up Plexiglas, to protect employees and customers

“Plexiglas shields Rosauers clerks from sneezing customers, while a sign informs customers that they aren’t allowed to bring their own reusable bags.”

As of today at our stores, we’re going to suspend the use of reusable bags,” Rosauers CEO Jeff Philipps said at a Spokane Regional Health District press conference this morning. “I think there’s some concern by some that those bags may have viruses that are being brought from home. So we’re going to suspend that practice.”


If we’re going to show concern about the environment, maybe take a look at local water quality impacted by sewage treatment plant outfalls.

One or more sewage treatment plants are sending unsafe product into Penn Cove?


Love to see newspeople provide updated reporting on this:

“This beach is within the closure area for a sewage treatment plant outfall and is unsafe for recreational shellfish harvesting.”

Source: WDFW


North side of Penn Cove at Monroe Landing

“This beach is within the closure area for a sewage treatment plant outfall and is unsafe for recreational shellfish harvesting.”

Source: WDFW

Is the sewage treatment plant is sending unsafe product into Penn Cove?

Reporting on this topic appears to be completely off limits to the press.

I’d be more interested in paying (again) for a local paper subscription if there was more in the way of investigative reporting & newspeople asking questions.


I’m a fan of voluntary action and allowing businesspeople to make business decisions.

If the green friendly cafe wants to make moves that are supported by their customers, I’m all for that.

If the truck stop wants to sell discount cartons of cigarettes, I’m good with that.

Americans were never meant to live in a one size fits all society, that’s why we have so many churches here and people who may opt out on attending services.

The plastic bag ban is another of many examples where freedoms may come & go-completely unrelated to military operations/US Troops in distant lands, or the Sound of Freedom.

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