Wondering if something like 89 cents of each dollar collected for daytime parking fees goes directly towards funding of the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of enforcement related warning signs, kiosks, pay boxes, fluorescent placards, and the manufacturing and distribution of enforcement related literature, blank forms and documentation materials.

I have purchased a daytime parking pass for WA State Parks every year since the pass was first required.

I don’t purchase the pass because I believe in it. Taxes are meant to pay for parks. I purchase the pass to avoid being hassled.

I love the parks. I’m sure many good people work for the parks. Somewhere up in the chain of command, things don’t look right.

In the past few months, I have spent time in various state parks in different parts of the state.

Fort Ebey

The blacktop road to the beach is trashed and has been for years now.

A showroom quality fleet of vehicles are driven by parks staff on the property.

Are the trucks changed out for new when they are only 12 months old?


Oyhut State Park Ocean Beach Access

The parking area features ponding water and blacktop that was worn out a long time ago.

If the parks require a daytime parking fee, we should see parks that have been well maintained.


Fort Casey

Several years ago at Fort Casey in the camping area near the ferry dock:

All of the metal fire rings were replaced. Not a few that were damaged or worn out, but every single one.

How can this be justified?


Daytime parking pass fees are also used to fund the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of sturdy gates to keep you and your annual parking pass out of selected parks during winter months.

Park shown here (Rosario Beach) is located at sea level. More fees should bring greater access, not less.


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