A trip to the state park might be a chance to leave the pressures of the world behind for an hour or two.

Preemptive warning notices will snap your mind back to reality before you even start your visit at the park.

As I have posted earlier, the parks are not new to me. I have been visiting Washington State Parks in the Puget Sound area since the 70s. Today’s parks are much more about a culture of warnings and enforcement than they were in the old days. Driving over to the local state park these days is like asking permission to enter a military base. Stop and show your parking pass before you arrive at the parking area. Listen to a reminder to display your parking pass so that you will not get a ticket. Am I on a third grade field trip?

This was true prior to the current news Re: COVID-19.

Let’s get out on the trail:

A park bench by the lake:

Prior to COVID-19

Wondering if something like 89 cents of each dollar collected for daytime parking fees goes directly towards funding of the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of enforcement related warning signs, kiosks, pay boxes, fluorescent placards, and the manufacturing and distribution of enforcement related literature, blank forms and documentation materials.

Photos here:

Enjoy Washington’s Natural Heritage


Washington State Parks

Have Washington State Parks been taken over by a culture of enforcement?

Sept. 26, 2018 The News Tribune

Bad guys will be up the river when these cops finish their training

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission provides training to sheriff’s deputies Re: “…a terrorist threat or protester boat was getting too close to a high-value target: A nuclear submarine, commercial boat or cruise ship, among others.”

“…Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission. The agency is in charge of training all 53 law enforcement agencies in the state that have marine units.”

“An Island County sheriff’s boat was in hot pursuit as deputies on board that boat played the part of, well, themselves.”


Please consider moving towards a Leave No Trace theme when it comes to posting warning signs at the parks.


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