Last night we watched this film:

I enjoyed it, and it reminded me of life in the USA 50 years ago. This was a much simpler time. Many people were raised in families with 3 or 4 brothers and sisters. Some had a stay at home mom. People with regular jobs had a good family life.

The movie is about life on and around the drag strip. This is an American tradition. People who had the skill to test the limits with internal combustion engines. Risk taking. Adventure. Packing up the family and traveling on the highway.

This was a time when kids went out to play and they went without bicycle helmets. Kids had paper routes. Halloween was fun. Today, Halloween may be seen as unsafe and controversial.

The film was made roughly around the time of the first man on the moon.

Random thoughts on what was different then:

Lightbulbs were made in places like Ohio, Indiana or Michigan. They were the cheaper/simpler version. Household appliances, auto parts, kids bikes, lawn equipment and tools may have also been manufactured in those locations. Things were made to be fixed or repaired, not thrown out.

Americans tended to be less overweight. Gas was cheaper. Newspeople seemed better about asking questions. No mater what political party was in power, there seemed to be less in the way of restrictions, bans and mandates on guns, cars, how you may heat your home, gas powered lawn equipment, etc.

Every other ad on TV was not for an “ask your doctor” medication that came with a list of quality of life altering side effects.

The WWII Generation was in charge. Cars, music, and Hollywood personalities all seemed a little more interesting then. Casinos were for Vegas, Atlantic City and Reno. Mostly no state lotto.

Kids seemed to have less food sensitivities and allergies. Things were less sanitized with antibacterial wipes, etc.








Our family camping lantern – 1970s



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