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Potlatch State Park – Hood Canal

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Shut Off The TV And Get Outside For A Bit


Port Townsend – Trip Report

We spent some time today waiting on the Keystone Ferry. Ferry waits can be a little longer now, due to one boat service.

Port Townsend is a good walking town. We have visited many times to take a look around, go shopping, drink a couple beers, enjoy a local restaurant or pub, meet friends and family, etc.

Today we had to wait for the ferry and it was time for lunch. Several restaurants are within an easy walk of the ferry dock. Over the years, these restaurants must have done a significant business serving people waiting for the ferry or showing up in town just to visit.

We quickly realized that the county we were in would not let people enter to dine in a restaurant without proof of vaccination.

One of the restaurants closest to the ferry was clearly open, but the parking lot was completely empty.

The outdoor dining area was completely empty. There was no sign of life.

Like many other locations, they are looking to add staff.

The lunch rush appears to be dead. If the customers are gone, how will new hires serve customers?


Snohomish County – Trip Report

Later in this same trip, we visited a traditional Mexican restaurant.

A very active dining and cantina scene here. Customers and staff seem happy. Masks required to enter. We have been here several times over the years. Recommended for anyone who still wants to get out to a Mexican restaurant. It looks like the large cantina has a bit of a sports bar vibe too.


Visiting/Shopping at more than one Puget Sound area military installation

Installation number one:

Saw a Got Freedom? t-shirt. The concept behind this could be discussed for hours.

Installation number two:

On Oct 2nd, 2021, plastic bags are still readily available and in use. No extra fees/questions, etc.

Having/wanting a choice on plastic bags does not indicate a disregard for the planet.



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