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Love the old wheelbarrow.

The tire brand is Schenuit. Some history from Baltimore Heritage:

“Schenuit manufactured truck and automobile tires, and later manufactured aircraft tires for the military during World War II. The company became dependent on government contracts and nearly went bankrupt after the war. By the 1960s, the company began expanding into the home and garden industry by buying out smaller manufacturers that made wheelbarrows, industrial wood products, lawn equipment, exercise equipment, and lawn and patio furniture. By the 1970s, Schenuit had moved out of the tire business.”

Driftwood Fetish

Finished compost for tilling into the garden.

Sifting finished compost.

Starting a new compost pile. Sifted compost ready for use.

Sort of like a driftwood flower arrangement.


B.I.L. rolled up after his time in Yuma.

He had citrus to share.


On the Weber

Thanksgiving – 2021


Limited visibility out there.

Washington Coast


The wind and rain has eased up for a bit. Out to the beach before daylight, and it was a really good morning for clams. First outing for clams since living in Port Hadlock years ago.


Washington Coast



Taking care of chores and projects.


Nice enough today for a good outdoor work session & a fire later. We’ll take it for a January day.

Enjoyed working on an October afternoon project.

Thanks for the apples Carl.

Along for the day: Classic Deep Cuts

Thanks for the truck wheel Carl.

Thanks Carl

DSC_0003 Breakfast by Carl