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Washington Coast – The North Beach


Razor Clam seasons


Calm and cloudy on The North Beach. Able to get limits before 1600.

Washington Coast

Razor Clam seasons


Nice, calm afternoon on The North Beach. Able to get limits by 1430.


Washington Coast

Razor Clam seasons




A beautiful afternoon at the beach. People getting their limits and heading home before sunset. Low tide: 1738

Sound Fishing made a nice video on cleaning clams:

Good Stuff

WDFW Razor Clam info:

Razor clam seasons and beaches


Washington Coast – Westport

Here is a really nice waterfront live cam that is great for storm watching and nice weather days too.

View the live cam here.



Oak Bay Clams

Clam Dip

The Seal Rock Oyster


There were several good clamming beaches near Port Hadlock, when I lived there a few years back. Loved to go out and get some clams.


Old photos here from the Port Hadlock days. Several good clamming beaches were close by.

I did not save, or have lost the recipe. There must be several excellent versions available to try.

These guys put together a good video on how to cook and clean the clams:



Marvin took us out to the Grayland/Twin Harbors area for razor clams. This was the first time in my life that I had ever been out to dig razor clams.

When done right, razor clams are the best seafood I have ever had.


Washington Coast

Razor Clam seasons


Washington Coast

We got to the beach about two hours early. We had a really good outing. Left the beach before dark. Weather was great.


Thursday – Washington Coast


Limited visibility out there.

Washington Coast


The wind and rain has eased up for a bit. Out to the beach before daylight, and it was a really good morning for clams. First outing for clams since living in Port Hadlock years ago.


Washington Coast