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Oak Bay Clams

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The Seal Rock Oyster


There were several good clamming beaches near Port Hadlock, when I lived there a few years back. Loved to go out and get some clams.


Old photos here from the Port Hadlock days. Several good clamming beaches were close by.

I did not save, or have lost the recipe. There must be several excellent versions available to try.

These guys put together a good video on how to cook and clean the clams:



Marvin took us out to the Grayland/Twin Harbors area for razor clams. This was the first time in my life that I had ever been out to dig razor clams.

When done right, razor clams are the best seafood I have ever had.


Washington Coast

Razor Clam seasons


Washington Coast

We got to the beach about two hours early. We had a really good outing. Left the beach before dark. Weather was great.


Thursday – Washington Coast


Limited visibility out there.

Washington Coast


The wind and rain has eased up for a bit. Out to the beach before daylight, and it was a really good morning for clams. First outing for clams since living in Port Hadlock years ago.


Washington Coast