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Another nice day to get some work done outside. Finished setting up a new compost pile. We’ll turn it and add more leaves several times in the coming weeks.

Along for the afternoon: Classic Deep Cuts


Tore down the old compost pile today. We started it about 12 months ago. It’s time to make room to start a new pile, now that the leaves are off the trees.

What would’t fit in containers was dumped in the garden. We’ll share it out to individual trees and shrubs, then till what’s left into the ground.


Another calm day on Monday, and a good time to work outside. Gathered more leaves to make a new compost pile in the coming weeks.


This project gets a little bigger each year as we get better at collecting and storing the browns and greens needed for a new compost pile.

Good idea to have it get dark an hour earlier?

Local sunset: 1647



Saw some really nice worms while raking wet leaves out there today.

High on life in the world of composting.


Tore down the oldest compost pile and sifted what was left.

We’ll start a new pile after the autumn leaves are on the ground.


The compost above was ready last fall. I saved some for spring planting projects. We used it to prepare a new planting location by tilling it in, also to mulch around new plants. Today we mixed it with water that had been left out in buckets for several days, then used the mix to water plants.

We place a good scoop into a mesh laundry bag and squeeze it into a bucket of water.

Water the plants. Any solid material left over in the mesh bag after watering goes into the compost pile with new vegetarian kitchen scraps. This pile will be mixed with leaves in the fall.

We have been learning about composting for several years now. This has been a very helpful book: Composting (Bob’s Basics)

Bottom 3 images by Monica.




Turned the pile and added leaves. Some good worm action going on.


Not a favorite at this tasting.

I have noticed several craft brews in recent months that show no date on the bottle. Is this a trend? Anybody know more about this?

Helpful household hint:

Unused beer and wine can be added to compost. “The yeast in both beverages gives a major boost to the decomposition of your organic materials.”



No storms and a great chance to work outside on Monday.

Turned the compost pile and really enjoyed it. This project gets a little larger each year.

The pile weighs several hundred pounds. It is made up of a year’s worth of vegetarian kitchen scraps, Halloween pumpkins, garden & lawn trimmings, lawn mushrooms, discarded pears, kelp & seaweed, coffee grounds, etc. mixed with the leaves that fell here in October and November.

I added additional leaves on Monday. We’ll go back and add more leaves and turn the pile again in about ten days. We’ll cover the pile if it gets too wet. This season seems a little drier here.

Background on this project when you scroll down here.

Gathering leaves for a new compost pile, before the next windstorm comes in.

Yesterday was a big workday in the garden. We tore down two smart pot raised beds and dumped them into our garden plot. We added some seaweed, kelp, homemade compost & coffee grounds and tilled it all in. We tilled another new strip for berry bushes. We took the old tomato vines and added them to our compost pile.

Changed the oil in the tiller too.

Recently we planted 3 Frost Peach Trees. We bought these from a Skagit Valley Nursery. We mulched these yesterday with our homemade compost.

We have had good luck finding used coffee grounds at local coffee shops. We add coffee grounds to our compost pile. Also, we till coffee grounds into our garden. We have been down to the beach recently and have had an easy time finding kelp and seaweed which we use just like the coffee grounds.





Libbey Beach- A good spot to look for Strait of Juan de Fuca kelp & seaweed.


Click image twice to show worm detail.

The worms were found in a year’s worth of vegetarian kitchen scraps, garden & lawn trimmings, lawn mushrooms, discarded pears, kelp & seaweed, coffee grounds, etc.

Today was the day to layer all this with recently fallen leaves.

Will turn the pile a few times over the next couple months- then cover it when it gets too wet.

Update from last year here: Looking like a compost pile again-



Feeding the garden fantasies

dsc_0006 Out collecting seaweed for compost.

dsc_0003 Halloween pumpkin, yard mushrooms, kelp & seaweed added to the pile.


dsc_0003-3 A year’s worth of vegetarian kitchen scraps, garden & lawn trimmings, mushrooms, discarded pears, kelp & seaweed, etc., has been mixed with recently fallen leaves.
Will mix it a few times over the next couple months- then cover it when it gets too wet.

Tearing down the old pile day here.



dsc_0021 Time to tear down the compost pile that was started a year ago & start over with new leaves that are now on the ground.

Year round project-

Smaller bins hold the daily kitchen scraps and items from the garden/lawn. They will wait until fall leaves are collected before they are mixed in.




Some items like avocado seeds will get run through again.

See you next year.


Sifted product:


Lawn mushrooms are a welcome addition to compost. Next- we’ll gather leaves & start a new pile.


dsc_0015 I have been learning about composting for about two years now. This has been a very helpful book: Composting (Bob’s Basics)