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Feeding the garden fantasies

dsc_0006 Out collecting seaweed for compost.

dsc_0003 Halloween pumpkin, yard mushrooms, kelp & seaweed added to the pile.


dsc_0003-3 A year’s worth of vegetarian kitchen scraps, garden & lawn trimmings, mushrooms, discarded pears, kelp & seaweed, etc., has been mixed with recently fallen leaves.
Will mix it a few times over the next couple months- then cover it when it gets too wet.

Tearing down the old pile day here.



dsc_0021 Time to tear down the compost pile that was started a year ago & start over with new leaves that are now on the ground.

Year round project-

Smaller bins hold the daily kitchen scraps and items from the garden/lawn. They will wait until fall leaves are collected before they are mixed in.




Some items like avocado seeds will get run through again.

See you next year.


Sifted product:


Lawn mushrooms are a welcome addition to compost. Next- we’ll gather leaves & start a new pile.


dsc_0015 I have been learning about composting for about two years now. This has been a very helpful book: Composting (Bob’s Basics)