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Potlatch State Park – Hood Canal

Road Trip Report – Mask Up For Watersports – WA COVID

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Shut Off The TV And Get Outside For A Bit

I am a wait and see sort of person. I was not quick to believe the GWOT was fake. It took years for me to look and see what was happening.

Below, are some random thoughts and questions newspeople will not ask. Our questions appear in bold type.

Was It A Fake War On Terror?

During the COVID time-

I did not speak out against vaccines or anyone who takes them. Ditto for mask wearing indoors or out.

Around September of 2021, we moved to a new community. My wife and I agreed that in the first few weeks, while getting settled, we would find a local place where we could get the shot. Just about that time, there seemed to be some question about which version of the vaccine was the one to take or avoid.

Restaurants were still changing up inside dining protocols.

From a Sept 2021 blog:

Dining Out

Ocean Shores, WA: Took a guest and went out to a place we enjoyed several weeks ago.

Small waiting line to get in.

Masks must be worn to enter.

So far, so good. Just like last time.

Seated at table when new format and protocols kick in:

Entire order will be taken all at the same time and will be paid for in advance.

Can we order a beer to start? No, entire order will be taken all at the same time.

Bar is open, several beers are on tap. No beer list at the table to let us know what is available.

When you are ready to order-slide menus over the edge of the table.

We saw a ketchup bottle on the table recently at another place. Works for us.

Last night, ketchup comes in tiny cups. Water comes in a bottle.

The place we went last night appeared to be fully staffed with good people. Not here to complain about restaurant staff.

Here to ask:

How much of the new dining format (not masks) is forced by the state and how much is made up by the local business?

Is there any medical advantage that comes with the new format?

If it is the choice of the business, what are they trying to achieve?

It seems like the plan is to cause meaningless inconvenience.

If you notice the inconvenience, maybe you will think that the establishment is somehow going out of their way because they care about protecting you.

I will wait on the sidelines if dining out features unpredictable new protocols. The whole idea of returning to a place you like is to duplicate the experience you had before.

Leavenworth COVID And Beer Drinking Oddities

About this time, info on vaccine side effects was being discussed somewhere. We were aware that getting the shot did not mean getting to go without a mask. The idea that more than one shot would be required was out there. Somewhere along in there, people were being accused of spreading misinformation and having their social media accounts suspended if they questioned the government version of COVID protocols.

Before the internet and social media-

If different people selected different churches to attend, or they decided to attend no church at all, was this because of misinformation?

Americans were never meant to agree on matters of a personal nature.

Back into wait and see and never did get the shots.

We were aware that some employers required vaccines, but employees were still getting sick and in some cases facilities were shut down because too many people on staff could not come to work or something like that.

I always wore a mask when entering a business, post office, etc. Always took it off when I stepped back outside. I never spent a day on lockdown. The term lockdown seemed to apply to people who were associated with an employer, school, or maybe a church that was shut down. None of that applied to me.

Every day I wanted to go out and visit a state park or go shopping, I was able to do so.

COVID restrictions handed down by WA

My personal preference would be to let business people make business decisions.

Let customers support or walk away from the businesses of their choosing.

Avoid one size fits all mandates. Mask required? Let the business owner decide. Make the whole thing voluntary, like a stop smoking, or wear your seatbelt campaign.

WA COVID Oddities

Do property taxes go down because fleets of school buses sat idle and students remained at home? Any questions from newspeople?

Dining in tents attached to restaurants.

Locating an Army Field Hospital in Seattle.

Earliest days of WA COVID concern: We were told that COVID-19 was a life and death concern requiring regular people to stay home from work and school while marijuana and booze sales were designated as essential. This policy may have made people wonder about the science here.

Marijuana and booze sales roll on:

March 25, 2020 The Seattle Times

In coronavirus closures, Washington state pot and liquor stores can stay open; sales have spiked for a while

Special construction projects are approved:

May 12th, 2020

The construction project wasn’t delayed by the coronavirus pandemic; it was considered essential since it was state funded.”

Got it.

The state took money from some people, and gave it to some other people.

If your construction crew is working on a project based on any sort of voluntary exchange or honest demand for services, you might have to stay home for a while.


May 12, 2020 South Whidbey Record

Iconic inn gets new cedar roof thanks to grant

During COVID, a few letters and editorials compared this time to the past and made the case that people did a better job of pulling together during WWII.

They are correct.

A man on the moon in 1969 was a proud American moment.

Since that time, both major parties have taken turns in power and have squandered credibility that would help in the current situation.

We were told we needed to send troops to Vietnam.

Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

Some may have become skeptical along the way.

WWII Generation Endured Rationing With Little Complaint

If I was Governor

WA – Dining Outside While Sealed Inside A Tent Is Legal

Fast food drive-thru:

It seems typical that the cashier, who handles cash, coins and cards-also places napkins in the to-go bag.

This really doesn’t seem to make sense even before concerns Re: COVID-19.

Food handler card? Cross-contamination? Health Department? State of the art protocols practiced by global corporations, restaurant management professionals, etc. No one seems to notice.

No Contact Drive Thru – Magic Tray Update

Not Complaining – Just Noticing

Play by the rules and we’ll make more rules

WA COVID – Press Release Style of News Reporting

Stay-at-home, except when purchasing liquor up until 9 p.m.

Rules are easier to follow if the reason for them is well understood. What time zone does the coronavirus operate on?

Alcohol Sales Must End At 10 p.m.

What was going on over at the local military base?

Not Really A Life And Death Situation?

Over at Walmart:

Whoever designed the building did so by code/permit. Size of building dictates number of exits/entrances and how large the space is where people are able to move shopping carts, enter with their family, etc.

COVID brings on restricted store entrances and exits. To enter the store, the normal access is restricted and made more narrow, forcing people to bunch up in order to get into the store. What is the medical advantage of this?

Landlords required to provide rent-free housing during COVID

Dec 23rd 2020 KOMO News

Gov. Inslee extends state’s eviction moratorium

“Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has again extended the state’s eviction moratorium, this time through the end of March.”

Love to see newspeople ask:

Have any arrangements been made to cover property owner’s costs for mortgages, taxes, repairs, maintenance, water, trash pickup, sewer, insurance, etc.

Who pays to have the apartment complex dumpster emptied if the property manager cannot collect rent?

Had an interaction on Twitter and was told:

You realize that’s part of the utility bill in WA? Services can’t be shut off during the pandemic, @yeomalt.”

Love to see the press provide more details on the updated situation.

How does the trash company get paid for services?

Killing incentives to maintain apartment complexes and homes for rent. Killing incentives to pay rent on time. Killing incentives to be a good tenant.

Killing Incentives in WA

April of 2020:

If you called 911 to report an emergency and described why the local state park is shut down, would the operator agree that this situation involves an emergency?

Mixed Messages On What Is An Emergency

Podcast 3 Closing All Recreational Fishing & Shellfishing Statewide

Whidbey Island

Pizza delivery, marijuana and booze sales roll on as government agencies phase out access and services.

Local press responds with reduced coverage and less in the way of asking questions:

Concealed Carry Processing Suspended


If there is a list of the things government does well, it must be a small one. Will people have a never again attitude towards restrictions during a future crisis? Will the government think it was able to prove that people can be herded into submission?

To me, the most interesting people in politics are the people who are willing to question their chosen political party.

A video from Jimmy Dore, a progressive Democrat:

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