Party of Two

There is a nice spot in Leavenworth to stop in for a beer and something to eat. I went to visit this location last week. It was the first time during COVID that I entered and sat down in an eating/drinking establishment.


Old Way

Walk in and select a seat from the large outdoor seating area. Server takes your beer order on a mobile device. Before server has a chance to leave the table, electronic order is received by bar staff. Your beer is tapped and out to your table like magic. We sit and eat and drink for an hour. During this happy hour, we never get up to leave the table. When it’s time to go, we pay and leave.

Would not change a thing. Really enjoy this place.



Everyone wears a mask.

You enter and are offered a table outside or inside. We selected an outside table. We are told that our order for beers and food must be placed with the cashier inside the restaurant by the bar.

Partner goes in to place order while I wait. Establishment now requires a credit card to start order. My turn to pay, so I say I’ll get it all on my card when I go in to order a second round.

Beer and food is still delivered to table, same as old way.

I go in to order a second round. I am unfamiliar with this part of the restaurant. Staff prompts me toward waiting to order/pay holding/staging area. Ordered another round and requested entire tab to be placed on my card. This is an extra step that would not be at all necessary pre-COVID.

If we wanted still another round, one of us would have to get up and return to waiting line to order/pay holding/staging area. We did not want another round after we had two beers and some food. Went back in to waiting to order/pay holding/staging area and used card to pay.


Any Medical Advantage?

How does requiring customers to migrate back and forth into a possibly unfamiliar part of the restaurant each time they want to order a beer or cash out serve any medical purpose Re: COVID?

It seems like the plan is to cause meaningless inconvenience.

If you notice the inconvenience, maybe you will think that the establishment is somehow going out of their way because they care about protecting you.

Still will plan to return to this location in the future.


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