May 28, 2020 WMAR

Salisbury Mayor deploying to Africa with Maryland National Guard

I am honored to do my part to ensure that the citizens of this community and all Americans remain safe and free.”

Several news sources published this quote. View them here.

The idea that sending hometown troops to Africa would be linked in any way with keeping the people of Salisbury Maryland safe and free calls for more discussion.

Jun 7, 2020 The Free Press

DUTY CALLS: Local National Guard unit heading to Africa

Life wasn’t meant to change after the big Saddam Hussein & Osama bin Laden takedowns.

Operation Enduring Freedom:

“Both deployments are part of Operation Enduring Freedom, the now-19-year-old attempt to quell terrorism launched in response to the 9/11 attacks.”

Mayor Day,

While the troops were deployed, federal law was signed prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to adults age 18-20.

Can you help us to understand the militarized version of freedom here?

December 21st 2019 KOMO News

Legal age to buy cigarettes, vapes raised to 21 nationwide

“Signed into law by President Donald Trump Friday as part of the new $1.4 trillion spending bill, a new measure prohibits the sale of tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21.”

Port Angeles, WA

Big July 4th celebration update:

June 15, 2020 Peninsula Daily News

Port Angeles to livestream fireworks July 4

“Fireworks will burst in the air above Port Angeles Harbor on the Fourth of July this year, but the Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce is urging residents to view the show online or from their yards rather than in a large gathering downtown.”

“But this year’s new normal will include a never-before-seen addition: a Heroes Appreciation Wall in front of the shuttered Lincoln Theater at 132 E. First St.”

“However, the committee has found that contingency plans must be invoked to conform to safe practices guidelines and has updated its plans and activities that would have involved large gatherings are cancelled.”


Interesting how different communities plan similar events.

Jonesboro Arkansas

June 15, 2020 KAIT

Freedom Fest fireworks display set for July 4th

A pandemic will not prevent KAIT and the Jonesboro Radio Group from celebrating our country’s independence.

The annual Freedom Fest Fireworks Display will be held Saturday, July 4, at the Southside Softball Complex in Jonesboro.

The event, according to a news release, has been described as “the biggest free fireworks display in the state” of Arkansas.”


Who are the Patriots on the Fourth?

by Jacob G. Hornberger

“On the Fourth of July, American statists will be praising the troops, glorifying their exploits in foreign countries, thanking them for defending our rights and freedoms, and expressing thanks to federal officials for taking care of them with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education grants, farm subsidies, drug laws, and the myriad other programs that come with America’s welfare-warfare state.”

“First, let’s get one thing clear: contrary to popular opinion, the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were not great and courageous Americans. That’s an important fact to keep in mind. The reason? They weren’t Americans. They were British citizens, no different from British citizens today. The only difference was that they were living abroad, much as many American citizens live abroad today.”

“Thus, the people who were fighting in the Revolutionary War were not supporting the troops. They weren’t thanking and glorifying them for defending their rights and freedoms. Instead, they were shooting at them and killing them. They had taken up arms against their very own government.”



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