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Dec 23rd 2020 KOMO News

Gov. Inslee extends state’s eviction moratorium

“Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has again extended the state’s eviction moratorium, this time through the end of March.”

Killing incentives to maintain apartment complexes and homes for rent. Killing incentives to pay rent on time. Killing incentives to be a good tenant.

Love to see newspeople ask:

Have any arrangements been made to cover property owner’s costs for mortgages, taxes, repairs, maintenance, water, trash pickup, sewer, insurance, etc.

Who pays to have the apartment complex dumpster emptied if the property manager cannot collect rent?

Had an interaction on Twitter and was told:

You realize that’s part of the utility bill in WA? Services can’t be shut off during the pandemic, @yeomalt.”

Love to see the press provide more details on the updated situation.

How does the trash company get paid for services?

Also found this:

Accounts that have become delinquent will be required to pay the past due balance by the 4th Friday of the next bill cycle. If payments are not made by the due date, the full balance will be expected to keep or maintain services.”


Dec 23, 2020 John Stossel video:

Government dictating production leads to less production.”



Dec 24, 2020 FEE

Why Housing Costs Are So High


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