I do not speak out against vaccines or anyone who takes them. Ditto for mask wearing indoors or out.

WA State Ferries

In the news:

Sep 12, 2021 KING 5 News video

‘The ferry system is our lifeline’: San Juan Island residents scramble as several weekend ferry routes are canceled

“This comes after weeks of rumors of WSF employees staging a “sick-out” to protest the governor’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.”

I am OK with the Washington State Ferries workforce protesting COVID mandates.

WSF COVID crewing challenges have been in the news for well over 12 months now.

HR policy away from WA government:

UPS aims to hire 100K ahead of ‘record peak holiday season’

Love to see KING 5 ask: How has the greater maritime industry dealt with COVID crewing challenges? How have various industries and public agencies handled this? Airlines? US Navy? FedEx? UPS? local fire dept?

Blogged about it back in May:

WSF COVID Crewing Challenges – Now 10 Months In


Dining Out

Took a guest and went out to a place we enjoyed several weeks ago.

Small waiting line to get in.

Masks must be worn to enter.

So far, so good. Just like last time.

Seated at table when new format and protocols kick in:

Entire order will be taken all at the same time and will be paid for in advance.

Can we order a beer to start? No, entire order will be taken all at the same time.

Bar is open, several beers are on tap. No beer list at the table to let us know what is available.

When you are ready to order-slide menus over the edge of the table.

We saw a ketchup bottle on the table recently at another place. Works for us.

Last night, ketchup comes in tiny cups. Water comes in a bottle.

The place we went last night appeared to be fully staffed with good people. Not here to complain about restaurant staff.

Here to ask:

How much of the new dining format (not masks) is forced by the state and how much is made up by the local business?

Is there any medical advantage that comes with the new format?

If it is the choice of the business, what are they trying to achieve?

I will wait on the sidelines if dining out features unpredictable new protocols. The whole idea of returning to a place you like is to duplicate the experience you had before.


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