I wear a face covering anytime I enter a business, post office, etc.

I would prefer that business owners be free to set their own policy.

It looks like some would be OK if we were told to wear a mask when we went to bed at night.


I don’t trivialize other people’s desires & choices.


The construction project wasn’t delayed by the coronavirus pandemic; it was considered essential since it was state funded.”

Got it.

The state took money from some people, and gave it to some other people.

If your construction crew is working on a project based on any sort of voluntary exchange or honest demand for services, you might have to stay home for a while.

Helping others by donating


In two years, individuals in suicidal crisis seeking help will have a number that’s easy to remember and quick to dial to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.”

Just hang on for two more years.


Voting is highly emphasized in American culture. Asking questions related to public policy takes a lower priority.

Mar/April, 2020

Pizza delivery, marijuana and booze sales roll on as government agencies phase out access and services.

Local press responds with reduced coverage and less in the way of asking questions.

Concealed Carry Processing Suspended

Mixed Messages On What Is An Emergency


Looks like Sound Publishing has removed all old comments and shut down the opportunity to post new comments on all of their newspaper web editions?

Manage it, don’t ban it. Online comment sections


Recommendations to bring in more subscribers:

Ready to Support Local News on Whidbey Island


I feel like a man on the moon in 1969 was a proud American moment.

Since that time, both major parties have taken turns in power and have squandered credibility that would help in the current situation.

We were told we needed to send troops to Vietnam to stay safe.

Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

Growing Up In The Cold War Era



A one size fits all society?

Central Planning and Essential Travel

Shut Off The TV And Get Outside For A Bit

WA Government Lacks Balance

Never Understood

Restricted Activities Update

Stay-at-home, except when purchasing liquor up until 9 p.m.


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Fog clears – Hill Road