Advance notice that Mukilteo/Clinton and Edmonds/Kingston service will be cut in half each weekend in July:

Mukilteo/Clinton and Edmonds/Kingston on 1-Boat Service Each Weekend in July

“Because of a shortage of available crew during the COVID-19 pandemic, service on the Mukilteo/Clinton and Edmonds/Kingston routes must be reduced to one boat on weekends during the month of July. The affected dates include: July 4-5; July 11-12; July 18-19; and July 25-26. On those four weekends, the #1 boat will be the only boat in service.”

3 Hour Wait Times:

June 20, 2020 The Everett Herald

Expect long ferry lines due to crew shortage from COVID-19

“Mukilteo and Edmonds routes will have reduced boat service. Saturday’s wait was 3 hours from Clinton.”

“Ian Sterling, Washington State Ferries spokesman, said a combination of aging workers, vessel maintenance and funding led to the need to limit service.”

We are down 100 to 150 workers just because they are in the high-risk category,” Sterling said. “Previous cuts over the years have us down to where we are a skeleton crew. We are really challenged right now.”

“The Mukilteo-Clinton route was reduced to one boat on Saturday and Sunday. Normally two ferries cross the water with service every half hour from each dock for the 20-minute voyage.”


June 30, 2020 KIRO7 News Video:

Ferry wait times spike following staff shortages

Some (employees) are in that high-risk category, either by age, or whether by underlying health conditions, or both, so we want to keep them safe,” Sterling told KIRO 7 News.”

“The wait is pretty awful. Pretty awful. So it makes you resentful of the people coming over who are tourists,” said Don Lane, a resident of Whidbey Island. “As things open up in phases, it just gets worse and worse and worse.”

The High-Risk Category

Would it make sense to have age/physical standards requirements in hiring? The US Armed Forces are one example of where these requirements are in place.



UPS Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”


Central Planning

Washington State Ferries is maintaining weekday schedules and reducing service on weekends when fewer people are traveling for essential purposes.


Mixed Messages/Opening Back Up

May 18, 2020 KING5 News Video

Casinos in western Washington reopen to big crowds


Jun 19, 2020 WhidbeyCamanoIslands

Whidbey and Camano Islands have received approval to move into Phase III of Governor Inslee’s “Safe Start” phased approach. Business services and activities listed in Phase 3 of the Safe Start plan are now permitted, if guidelines and safety measures are implemented.”


More here:

Not a one size fits all society

Restricted Activities Update

Port Angeles – Stay in your homes and wait for further instructions.

Stay-at-home, except when purchasing liquor up until 9 p.m.

Concealed Carry Processing Suspended


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Photo- Extinct ferry at Kingston