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The same Washington State government that tells us all must wear masks to maintain public safety:

July 4, 2020 Tampa Bay Times

1 of 2 protesters hit by car on closed Seattle highway dies

WSP allowed public safety to be placed at risk:

Protesters had shut down the interstate for 19 days in a row, Mead said at a press conference.”

Reaction Mode

“The Washington State Patrol said Sunday evening that going forward it won’t allow protesters to enter I-5 and would arrest pedestrians on the freeway.”

Law Enforcement Hopes Protesters Will Cooperate:

“Mead emphasized that the freeway is “simply not a safe place” for pedestrians, and said he hoped protesters would cease what he termed “unlawful behavior” in blocking the interstate.”

“Protesters were on the freeway for more than an hour before the car drove around the blockade around 1:36 a.m., Mead said.”

Mainstream press:

Alternative media:

July 5, 2020 The Seattle Times

1 protester dead, 1 injured after man drives into protesters on I-5 in Seattle

“One person was killed and another was seriously injured after a driver plowed into a nightly protest on a closed stretch of Interstate 5 in Seattle early Saturday.”

After 19 days and one death:

State Patrol announced Saturday evening that it would no longer allow protesters on the interstate.”

After enabling criminal conduct, WSP will no longer enable criminal conduct:

“Blocking a freeway is a crime and no longer are we going to enable that criminal conduct to continue,” said State Patrol Capt. Ron Mead, who made the decision to no longer close the interstate. “We are not going to be allowing protesters to access the freeway unimpeded, and there are consequences for criminal conduct.”

State Patrol had shut down the interstate 19 nights in a row in response to protests, said Capt. Mead, who oversees the agency’s district that includes King County. For weeks, troopers operated in response to protesters’ movements, shutting down a stretch of the interstate when it looked as if protesters would enter the roadway.”


Routine Stuff

WSP knows that more people are out drinking and driving during the holidays. WSP gets involved to promote public safety before lives are lost.

Why did protests on I-5 go on for 19 nights?

December 27, 2019 KPQ News

Washington State Patrol Announces DUI Emphasis Patrols with Holiday Nearing


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Central Planning and Essential Travel

Stay at home to be safe, except when traveling to buy booze, marijuana, visit the casino, etc.

Stay-at-home, except when purchasing liquor up until 9 p.m.



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