Cartels are able to move product to all 50 states. All levels of government are supposedly working against them and they get the job done.

Any shortage of heroin, meth or fentanyl anywhere in the US?

Maybe look into it.

High Terror Alert Fails To Keep Cartel Product Out


Feb 9, 2021 Q13 FOX News video

Communities report vaccine deliveries halted across Washington

“Officials said 1,200 doses had been ordered for delivery by the state, but nothing arrived.”

Question for newspeople:

If we have a party and order 3 large pizzas, the pizza place will tell us if they are unable to make a delivery or unable to have product ready for pickup. When orders for 1,200 doses of vaccine are placed with the state, is the state indicating the delivery will be made? What is changing between the time the order is made and the delivery date?

Placing an order with a local shop:

Called 1-800 Sears


Feb 5 Camano Island Fire & Rescue

Vaccine update:

We requested 1,200 doses of vaccine. Unfortunately, the state did not allocate any doses to us for the week of Feb. 8.”


What is the government really good at?

Spotting counterfeit N95 masks? Big problems.

Spotting counterfeit Super Bowl items? Job well done.

Staying out of, winning or shutting down decades of undeclared wars?

Running an unemployment office?

Opioid lawsuits?

Keeping drug cartels from showing up with product far from any border crossing or port of entry?

Feb 9, 2021 KABB FOX 29

“The cartels in Mexico are flooding the domestic illegal drug market with methamphetamine,” said Sorianello.

Keeping sewage treatment outfall from impacting local waters?

Protecting your personal information?


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