Feb 10, 2021 KOMO News

Government investigating massive counterfeit N95 mask scam

“Nearly a year into the pandemic, fraud remains a major problem as scammers seek to exploit hospitals and desperate and weary Americans.”

There are many other reports of fraudulent masks that have reached frontline workers.”

Looks like some of the bad masks made it to WA:

Officials in Washington State examined their mask supply, which had come from a different company, and discovered that 300,000 masks they had purchased for about $1.4 million were counterfeit. Officials are investigating.”


If the masks were counterfeit Super Bowl items, there would have been a successful crackdown?

Feb 3, 2021 ABC News

Homeland Security busts $44 million worth of counterfeit sports goods ahead of Super Bowl LV

“Agents from DHS’ Homeland Security Investigations, are responsible for running “Operation Team Player” — an annual operation which focuses on combating counterfeit goods between every Super Bowl.”

Last year, the same operation seized goods worth $123 million.”


When the news is created by federal employees, there’s no need to deal with any awkward/real questions from the press.

These guys show up on time and ahead of schedule. Federal public affairs cameras are rolling.

Major takedown at 1:20

“We arrested two individuals who attempted to sell six counterfeit NFL Super Bowl 54 T-shirts…”

“Comments are turned off”

No word on counterfeit medical masks here:

Feb 7, 2021 HSI at SB55

State-run media update:

Feb 4, 2021



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