Newspeople play the role of federal public affairs staff as authorities prepare for the Super Bowl.

Sorry, no time for newspeople to ask:

Did the advantage of US air power allow the undeclared wars in Iraq or Afghanistan to be prevented, won or shut down?

We’ve been blogging about it for years now.

The press fails to ask questions, our questions appear in bold type.

If special games require special security-what keeps regular (pre-COVID) games safe?

Jan 29, 2021 WFLA News video

Air defense around Tampa increases ahead of Super Bowl LV


Jan 30, 2021 Orlando Weekly

The feds will deploy a nuke-sniffing helicopter to Tampa for upcoming Super Bowl

In the past, the folks who are unable to keep cartel product from showing up all over the US have been entrusted to provide Super Bowl security.

Welcome Home Troops

Thanks for risking your ass in Iraq & Afghanistan-working to keep bad people from coming here to do bad things.

Don’t worry-The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe:

Away from the big game:

A $49.8 billion US Dept. of Homeland Security fails to keep 1,950 pounds of cartel product from arriving in Denton County, Texas-far from any border crossing or port of entry:

Jan 27, 2021 The Dallas Morning News

DEA’s Dallas office announces seizure of $45 million in meth, heroin — its largest bust ever

“The drugs — 1,950 pounds valued at $45 million — were sniffed out by a dog during a traffic stop involving a refrigerated tractor-trailer in Denton County on Oct. 8, the DEA said. They had been stashed inside a secret compartment of the truck.”

“Chávez said the meth was smuggled across the U.S.-Mexican border by traffickers working with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, or CJNG.”

When news/social media posts are created by federal employees, there’s no need to deal with any awkward/real questions from the press.

What stops terrorists from going 2 states over and driving a truck across the playground at a daycare center?

We’d love to see more in the way of newspeople asking questions.

In another State-Run Media/CBP Social Media Post, CBP tells us:

Nothing gets past @CBP’s K9 units!

Nothing gets past @CBP’s K9 units?

Surely, a free and independent press will step up and ask for clarification on this wild CBP claim.

Away from any border crossing or port of entry:

Hey newspeople, how did 2,224 pounds of meth tied to the Sinaloa cartel enter Riverside County, if nothing gets past @CBP’s K9 units?

Why is there a deadly fentanyl problem in Eastern Washington if nothing gets past CBP social media posts?


What sort of air defense has been set up for cars waiting in lines for COVID testing in Los Angeles?


Another stadium. Another security story:

Feb 1, 2021 CBS News

Anti-vaccination protests temporarily shut down Dodger Stadium mega vaccination site

Hundreds of cars were backed up at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium on Saturday after the coronavirus vaccination super site temporarily shut down due to a few dozen anti-vaccination protesters, the mayor’s office confirmed on Sunday.”

Was security in place before problems developed? Article above leaves us guessing.

Discussion of Dodger Stadium mob at 16:21


Post 911 Ferry Terminal Security

October 3rd 2014 KOMO News

Man dead after driving through barricade, into water at ferry dock

“Witnesses said the driver appeared to be going 30 to 35 miles per hour, according to Wilson.”


January 25, 2018 KIRO 7

Driver dies after vehicle plunges off Anacortes ferry dock

Dive teams and a tow truck recovered a woman’s body from the water at the Anacortes Ferry Terminal on Thursday afternoon.
She drove through a barrier into the water around 9:30 a.m., bringing ferry service to a halt.
There was no ferry at the dock when the crash happened. Washington State Patrol says the woman drove down a road meant for loading and unloading the ferry at a high rate of speed, rammed the white Jeep Cherokee she was driving through a traffic arm, and plummeted into the water.

Any security protocols in place on this day around 9:30 a.m.?

Photo above

Taxpayer funded message seen on local ferry ride.

Washington State ferry passengers are advised via PA system not to leave backpacks or packages unattended during ferry crossings.

Meanwhile-on the car deck-cars, trucks, vans, commercial vehicles, etc. are left unattended during ferry crossings.

On occasion, the press will do a story on a ferry security drill.

If the Oklahoma City bomber rolls onto the ferry-how does the SWAT team help out an hour later?

Washington State Ferry Ride


Dec 23, 2020 Skagit Valley Herald

Woman goes into water from Guemes ferry dock, body found on Lopez beach

“It’s not known whether she jumped into the water, or slipped and fell in, San Juan County Sheriff Ron Krebs said Dec. 18.”

The ferry was tied up for the night, and the ferry crew was gone. The far end of the ramp was dark and grainy in the film. “She disappeared from view,” Krebs said. “She walked down the ramp and never came back.”

Any restrictions on entry to this ferry dock after hours?

Krebs said investigators found identification on Bent’s body. Anacortes Police Capt. Dave Floyd said San Juan County Sheriff’s investigators contacted his department the day her body was found and “asked us to check shoreline areas for her vehicle. We found it at the terminal.”


High Terror Alert Fails To Keep Cartel Product Out

4 Stories The Puget Sound Press Will Not Question Or Report On

Mixed Messages On Transportation Security/Firing Gun From the Ferry Update

Washington State Ferries Security – Looking for Clarification



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A symbol of the press backing away from asking questions while playing the role of federal public affairs staff.


Newspeople play the role of federal public affairs personnel during Operation Macho Swagger–a ride-along to let us know what is being done to keep the southern edge of the Strait of Juan de Fuca safe from B.C. incursions: Operation Macho Swagger & Port Angeles Heroin

What role do 1,200-horsepower interceptor boats play in keeping heroin, methamphetamine and fentanyl from entering Port Angeles?

Is Port Angeles CBP staffing and infrastructure at all relevant in keeping heroin and meth from entering the Puget Sound area?

Has Port Angeles CBP been able to intercept any inbound meth or heroin?

Even one time?

Newspeople remain silent.

Local meth news stories here.

Local heroin news stories here.