An important component of a free society is that different people believe different things and are able to act on their beliefs.

An example:

Some parents are OK with public schools. Some want to send their children to private schools. Some want to homeschool their kids. People get to move off in different directions. This is a safety valve.

Americans were never meant to agree on matters of a personal nature. This is why we have so many different churches here.

People choose different churches to attend, or attend no church at all. This is a safety valve.

Years ago, it was understood that some people preferred to smoke. Some preferred to be vegan. Some preferred to eat meat. Some preferred electric cars, some preferred a powerful truck to pull a horse trailer.

We don’t ask voters to pick the two most popular churches and make plans for government to eliminate the rest because they may be spreading misinformation.

A live and let live attitude is fading.

Safety valves being removed – Forcing a one size fits all society

COVID restrictions, restricting access to social media, talk of getting rid of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines and a discussion of prohibiting legal firearms has people feeling boxed in. This is not the free and honest society our elementary school teachers lied to us about.

Play by the rules and we’ll make more rules.

The ugly side of politics may be a reaction that comes from trying to force a one size fits all society.

The idea is to live in a free and honest society.




Gov. Mike DeWine signs into law bill that allows home delivery of liquor, removes some sales provisions

If these services do not create a risk for local communities-why are they restricted under normal conditions?

Watch for the press to ask zero questions in these areas.

The Press Is Weak – Newspaper Revenue Down Compared To 20 Years Ago

U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell promotes federal assistance for small newsrooms.

My podcast:


Podcast 8 Senator Cantwell and the local press


Twitter permanently suspends Trump from its platform

Will this help people to accept a one size fits all society?

I saw a comment somewhere that said Twitter is a private business and free to set its own rules. Does that also apply to the florist or bakery that does not want to create a product for a gay marriage ceremony? Does that also apply to a tavern that wants to allow indoor smoking?

If I ran a bakery-

Store policy:

We do quality cakes for all occasions-no customer application/background check required.

Growing numbers of happy customers and building our positive reputation is our goal.

Please tell your friends & contact us at any time.

In a free and honest society customers would support or walk away from the businesses of their choosing.


Eric July

@EricDJuly making the case for a peaceful divorce between states before it happens violently

The 50 United States plan means being taxed and forced to pay for bombing Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan, then being lied to, and told that this is all to protect American rights and freedoms.

Maybe Get Away From The Bragging About Freedom?


Eric July

Y’all crackheads can’t even exist on the same social media platform with folks that differ politically but for some reason y’all think it’s preferable that we continue to share a government.”



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Maybe Get Away From The Bragging About Freedom?

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