February 2, 2021 Lew Rockwell

America’s Trust in the Mainstream Media Hits an ALL-TIME LOW and “Journalists” Are Shocked

By Robert Wheeler

“But, there is some good news.”

“For the first time, most Americans do not trust the mainstream media”


Newspapers are suppressing online comment sections, getting away from asking questions related to public policy, and telling us they need more support from subscription and advertising sales while lining up for federal bailout cash.


What I see in local papers:

Shaming and scolding alternative and social media while backing off from asking questions and reporting the news.

September 28, 2016 Whidbey News-Times

Social media a digital version of ‘telephone’ | In Our Opinion

Inaccurate or misleading information is still rampant in the community. Misinformation morphs until the original information becomes unrecognizable.

A journalist’s responsibility is to report facts, not rumors, not hearsay. We rely on official sources and verify information before it’s printed.”

“When there is an escalated news situation such as this weekend, readers must ask themselves, do they want minute-by-minute updates, likely rife with misinformation and unverified facts, or do they want clear, concise and accurate information? We hope it’s still the latter.”

Recommendation for local papers:

Try harder to report the news.

Be in the habit of asking questions.

People go to alternative media because the family friendly, hometown pride-oriented local small town papers and TV news folks have moved away from asking questions.

I’d be more interested in paying (again) for a local newspaper subscription if there was more in the way of newspeople asking questions.

Both Whidbey papers have stripped away all comments from past articles, and removed the opportunity to post comments to new articles.

Various newspapers in the Puget Sound area have gone with this trend.

Elimination of reader comments works against the idea of paying for an online subscription.

Manage it, don’t ban it. Online comment sections


Do they want minute-by-minute updates?

A journalist’s responsibility is to report facts, not rumors, not hearsay. We rely on official sources and verify information before it’s printed.”

Here are some examples of local stories unrelated to minute-by-minute updates.

Plenty of time here for the local paper to dig in & ask questions:

Image above: 1/23/2021

Source: Washington State Department of Health Shellfish Safety Map

Click image to enlarge.

Several Whidbey beaches remain closed all year long for recreational shellfish harvest because of sewage treatment outfall.

Sewage treatment outfall. Not stormwater.

Reporting on this topic appears to be completely off limits to the press.

View the Washington State Department of Health beach list here.

Living on an Island near Puget Sound, there seems to be great concern for salmon, orca, eagles, recreational shellfish and clean water.

Underreported news stories are curious.

Maybe the press should be better about asking questions if they are going to line up for federal bailout cash.

Has anyone ever seen the Puget Sound area press ask questions about Whidbey water quality impacted by sewage treatment plant outfalls?

Has anyone ever seen any government agency, elected official or volunteer organization seeking answers related to one or more sewage treatment plants sending unsafe product into the waters near Whidbey Island?

More here:

Wastewater Treatment Plant – Department of Ecology Award For Outstanding Performance

Ready To Purchase A Subscription – Whidbey Water Quality

I will purchase a subscription to any Puget Sound area newspaper working to inform us on Whidbey water quality impacted by sewage treatment plant outfalls.

Ready to Support Local News on Whidbey Island



Island county to purchase new patrol boat to help with Puget Sound security:

Federal grant money goes to “…gain a better grasp on cross border activity and to prevent illegal crossings.”

“Funding for the boat was issued through the Homeland Security Grant Program under Operation Stonegarden.”

Took a quick look on the web to see if there is a post 911 history of maritime “cross-border activity” on Whidbey & could not find anything. If anyone has info, please post in comments.

A 5th grade book report would require more in the way of asking questions.

Has the Island County Homeland Security-funded patrol boat been involved in any arrest or seizure related in any way to the US/Canada border?

Even one time?

Newspeople remain silent.

More here:

Whidbey Homeland Security Grant Money- Newspeople Remain Silent


Reporting the facts?


“For the past couple of years, the Whidbey News-Times paid the insurance for the Veterans Day Parade, about $200, because it was a small way of saying thank you to the men and women who sacrificed so that we may have our liberties, including our Freedom of Speech.”

Were US troops sent to Vietnam so that Americans could be free to send letters to the editor?

Is there any case in which the US Armed Forces have been sent to distant lands on a mission to protect freedom of speech?

Is protecting freedom of speech even part of training scenarios?

As the decades of undeclared/unwon wars stack up (The Department of Defense track record goes back to 1949.) the greater the cultural urge to glorify people who do, or did time in uniform.

If there is an honest reason to send people away into decades of undeclared/unwon wars overseas let’s hear all about it.

Why do we pretend that the US Armed Forces function as some sort of giant civil rights organization?

In some cases, the US Armed Forces provide for our security. That’s as good as it gets.

In terms of American rights and freedoms- The Dept. of Defense has no more say than the Dept. of Agriculture.



Podcast 8 Senator Cantwell and the local press

The Press Is Weak – Newspaper Revenue Down Compared To 20 Years Ago

Press might need less bailout cash if it was more in the habit of asking questions

4 Stories The Puget Sound Press Will Not Question Or Report On

Maybe Get Away From The Bragging About Freedom?

Jet Noise Made Them Free?

Growing Up In The Cold War Era


Newspeople play the role of federal public affairs staff as local authorities prepare for the Super Bowl.

Security Theater


How Do The Troops Defend The Constitution?

Not asking about the oath of enlistment. Asking about what happens after the oath has been taken.


The family friendly, hometown pride-oriented local small town papers and TV news folks are more welcome to do interviews related to public policy. Unfortunately, they seem to have moved away from asking questions.

Operating A Camera In A Public Place


JFK speaks about the role of the press in a free society:


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