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Newcomers are in short supply, here at the Fotomat store of 12 step groups.

I attended a few ACOA meetings in the early 90s back in N. Carolina. Meetings were held at a church. A simple discussion format was the norm. The day’s meditation was read from this book. After the reading, people would share based on that day’s reading, another reading in the book, or any topic connected to being an adult child of an alcoholic. This was a “keep it simple” sort of a format. Meetings appeared to be well attended. I had to move, and got away from the program for about 30 years.

Today, the focus seems to be workbook study at the groups where small numbers of people gather in the town where I live. If a couple of the regulars are away from the meeting for any reason, that may leave just a couple people who are present. On occasion, only the person chairing the meeting is present. If a newcomer shows up, this may be what they see. Not sure, but wondering if the newcomer sees the focus as too much on something like a college level textbook/workbook study session and might feel a bit intimidated or overwhelmed by that.

Pick a new church to attend on Sunday and visitors are welcome. Come back again if you like. There are Bible study groups or choir practice groups meeting at other times for those who are interested. At ACA, the meeting is more like the Bible study group. At ACA meetings today, there is an emphasis on what the higher headquarters is doing, or planning to do. I do not remember this from the group I attended in the early 90s.

Today, it may seem like the number of people on planning committees and part of the local rank structure is greater than the number of people who attend ACA meetings.

Not to pick on ACA; things have changed since the last century. Veterans groups struggle for membership. Maybe less people attend church? People are more busy today. Did social media contribute to short attention spans?







Photo- Looking for serenity

Just north of Perego’s Lagoon- looking towards Fort Ebey.

The Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail will take you there.



This is about the time of year I get ready to fire up the garden tiller and push mower and change the oil. For years I have been using SAE 30 motor oil. Both units were supplied with SAE 30 when new.

SAE 30 seems to be pretty much phased out now. It’s hard to find it on the shelf at the auto parts store.

I’m looking for a traditional quart size bottle. I’m not wanting to buy a smaller size bottle with a mower manufacturer’s brand on the label.

My favorite brand has the API Donut Symbol, so I know it meets some kind of standard.

I’ll probably switch to 10W-30 as I still drive a vehicle that uses this type, a riding mower that takes 10W-30 and I have a partial case out in the shed.

In about 8 months, the next mowing season will be over.


Monica’s Mom ( A traditional woman from North Carolina ) said music stars made better music before they got off drugs.


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Local beachcombing


We have been together 19 years. She is my favorite wife.

She has a sense of humor. She is a naturally cheerful person. She will laugh out loud at something she sees on the web, or on TV.

She is a family person.

She is a people person. Anywhere she has a job, she will make new friends.

She is part of a dedicated designated driver team. We once broke up for a bit. She told me that even if I was out with another woman and needed a ride, she would be there.

She enjoys plinking.

She enjoys Halloween and scary movies.

She is pro-choice on marijuana. She understands freedom, politics and the issues of the day, but she doesn’t let it get her down.

She is a cat lover and we are committed to our rescued/adopted indoor only cats. The cats are at their best when she is home.

She is a sexual person. If we see an attractive woman out in public. She will acknowledge that.

She is low maintenance. An old pickup truck is OK with her. Just the ticket for a trip to the beach to gather kelp & seaweed for compost or to till into the garden.

She loves a walk on the beach, collecting driftwood, and bringing home special rocks.

She enjoys a fire out back.

She enjoys music, working in the garden, and a visit to the Farmers Market.

She is a great cook and baker. Old school cast iron is part of the kitchen routine.

She enjoys a local drive in the country.

She loves a trip to the Oregon Coast. A scenic drive over to Winthrop too.





Indian Beach Oregon – on a trip with Monica, about this time of year.


Guns, Halloween, cigarettes and school lockers.

If bad people do bad things- should good people have their choices restricted?

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About this time of year – Skagit Valley


My sister came out from Kitsap County. We made a visit to Whidbey Beer Works to check out their huge selection of imports and Northwest Microbrews. We stashed our selections in a cooler at home, then took a little road trip out towards Skagit Valley. Last time we had a beer at La Conner. This time we went on to the The Old Edison Pub, where I enjoyed a Melvin IPA.

We had a good visit and I shared more of the compost from the pile we recently tore down.




Photo- Not from late December. It’s the time of year where the days are short and it can be the same color grey at 10 AM and at 2:30 PM and all the hours in between. A time of year to remember what it looks like when there is more light outside. This is a Hill Road photo- taken during the month of May.


USMC Okinawa 1980

Remembering our rescued/adopted kitty Other.

Thank you to Useless Bay Animal Clinic for all your kindness.

We’ll hop to it.

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High levels of reverence for the flag?

Groupthink Alternative

US Department of Credibility

Newspeople will not question the US Border Patrol at Port Angeles?

Our free and independent press has stopped asking questions.

and Sound of Freedom





Photo- Habitual beachcombing

DSC_0004 (3)
14 years after 911:

WATCH: Army Football Takes The Field With American and French Flags


New Facebook filter lets you show solidarity with Paris

“The social media site’s new overlay lets users put a French flag over their existing profile picture, similar to the rainbow flag filter Facebook rolled out for pride month.”


The #French flag is flying from atop the #SpaceNeedle tonight! #SHARE or #LIKE to show your support.

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Welcome Home Troops


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US Department of Credibility




Photo- Rocky Brook



Washington State update:

State law may use gender neutral language


Every possible mixed message seems to be in play in modern American culture.

Will selective service registration become a gender neutral requirement?

Will gender specific beauty pageants be done away with?

Mrs. Washington International Pageant

No more swimsuit competitions?

Miss Washington’s swimsuit catches judges’ attention

No more scholarships for women?

No more diamonds for Mother’s Day?

Gender neutral cheerleader tryouts?

No more federal support for women business owners?



Photo- local harvest



Dividing people up into groups- then assigning a separate value to each group.

All a matter of public policy.


At the federal level:

“no person shall be discriminated against because of race, color, creed, sex, age, disability, or national origin or otherwise subjected to unlawful discrimination.”

Except for:

Federal alcohol prohibition for adults age 18-20.

A federal requirement that 18 year old males register for selective service while 18 year old females opt out.

Charging people different access fees for National Parks lands- based on the age of the individual. We pay for these lands the same as we pay for the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Making gay military spouses ineligible for military benefits.


At the state level:

The version of marijuana legalization now in place in WA & CO leaves prohibition in place for adults age 18-20.



Photo- Port Townsend scene