This is about the time of year I get ready to fire up the garden tiller and push mower and change the oil. For years I have been using SAE 30 motor oil. Both units were supplied with SAE 30 when new.

SAE 30 seems to be pretty much phased out now. It’s hard to find it on the shelf at the auto parts store.

I’m looking for a traditional quart size bottle. I’m not wanting to buy a smaller size bottle with a mower manufacturer’s brand on the label.

My favorite brand has the API Donut Symbol, so I know it meets some kind of standard.

I’ll probably switch to 10W-30 as I still drive a vehicle that uses this type, a riding mower that takes 10W-30 and I have a partial case out in the shed.

In about 8 months, the next mowing season will be over.