We have been together 19 years. She is my favorite wife.

She has a sense of humor. She is a naturally cheerful person. She will laugh out loud at something she sees on the web, or on TV.

She is a family person.

She is a people person. Anywhere she has a job, she will make new friends.

She is part of a dedicated designated driver team. We once broke up for a bit. She told me that even if I was out with another woman and needed a ride, she would be there.

She enjoys plinking.

She enjoys Halloween and scary movies.

She is pro-choice on marijuana. She understands freedom, politics and the issues of the day, but she doesn’t let it get her down.

She is a cat lover and we are committed to our rescued/adopted indoor only cats. The cats are at their best when she is home.

She is a sexual person. If we see an attractive woman out in public. She will acknowledge that.

She is low maintenance. An old pickup truck is OK with her. Just the ticket for a trip to the beach to gather kelp & seaweed for compost or to till into the garden.

She loves a walk on the beach, collecting driftwood, and bringing home special rocks.

She enjoys a fire out back.

She enjoys music, working in the garden, and a visit to the Farmers Market.

She is a great cook and baker. Old school cast iron is part of the kitchen routine.

She enjoys a local drive in the country.

She loves a trip to the Oregon Coast. A scenic drive over to Winthrop too.





Indian Beach Oregon – on a trip with Monica, about this time of year.