Newcomers are in short supply, here at the Fotomat store of 12 step groups.

I attended a few ACOA meetings in the early 90s back in N. Carolina. Meetings were held at a church. A simple discussion format was the norm. The day’s meditation was read from this book. After the reading, people would share based on that day’s reading, another reading in the book, or any topic connected to being an adult child of an alcoholic. This was a “keep it simple” sort of a format. Meetings appeared to be well attended. I had to move, and got away from the program for about 30 years.

Today, the focus seems to be workbook study at the groups where small numbers of people gather in the town where I live. If a couple of the regulars are away from the meeting for any reason, that may leave just a couple people who are present. On occasion, only the person chairing the meeting is present. If a newcomer shows up, this may be what they see. Not sure, but wondering if the newcomer sees the focus as too much on something like a college level textbook/workbook study session and might feel a bit intimidated or overwhelmed by that.

Pick a new church to attend on Sunday and visitors are welcome. Come back again if you like. There are Bible study groups or choir practice groups meeting at other times for those who are interested. At ACA, the meeting is more like the Bible study group. At ACA meetings today, there is an emphasis on what the higher headquarters is doing, or planning to do. I do not remember this from the group I attended in the early 90s.

Today, it may seem like the number of people on planning committees and part of the local rank structure is greater than the number of people who attend ACA meetings.

Not to pick on ACA; things have changed since the last century. Veterans groups struggle for membership. Maybe less people attend church? People are more busy today. Did social media contribute to short attention spans?







Photo- Looking for serenity

Just north of Perego’s Lagoon- looking towards Fort Ebey.

The Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail will take you there.