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South Indian Island

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South Indian Island/Oak Bay

How to get there- here



Port Townsend Ship Canal

How to get there- here



DSC_0006 5After-

DSC_0013This errand took just a few minutes of my time.
Volunteers work the park all year- mowing lawns, & clearing and grooming trails.

Thanks go out to them.


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Pack it out- good intentions

Leave it cleaner than you found it-


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A group that had just launched from this beach.



This photo shows Isthmus Beach & the South end of the county park.

Most of the rest of the park can be seen here

How to get there- here


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How to get there- here

What the beach looks like- scroll down to view several images here

Bald Eagle audio


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A calm & sunny winter day out there.


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What it looks like in summer here.

What it looks like from just north of the bridge here and here.


Looking towards Port Hadlock from below the bridge at Indian Island.


Looking towards Port Hadlock from below the bridge at Indian Island.

September features some of our best weather each year.


Indian Island Bridge- looking north towards Port Townsend


Port Townsend Ship Canal- looking south from near the bridge


Oak Bay/S. Indian Island

No crowds to struggle with, parking is a breeze, no advance reservation or credit card required.

The only reason to know the day of the week is to make use of tide tables-


South Indian Island & Oak Bay