Yesterday, somebody posted:

Where were you? along with a photo of a peaceful/standing twin towers.

My response:

With my GF in Kingston. Had already done some time in uniform. Took me several years to become skeptical and see that the federal government and the press had lost credibility.


My feeling is that a man on the moon in 1969 was a proud American moment. That was maybe the best of America in my lifetime.

Growing Up In The Cold War Era

Things were up and running in the 80s and 90s


Later in the day:

“What I remember most about 9/11 is the way America was unified the day after. During uncontrollable times we controlled our response. Race, Gender and Political Party were equally irrelevant.”

“We focused on loving each other, how did we get so segregated? We never would have made it this far if we embraced division on September the 12th. We are where we are because we got here TOGETHER let’s embrace love yet again.”

“God Bless The USA.”

My response:

Good Stuff

Let’s keep that and add a free and independent press that will ask questions/rock the boat, no matter who is in office.

The mainstream press provides news coverage that favors government agencies, departments and policies.

Information Suppression – The Press is Weak

For sure, the last couple decades have been a lesser version of life in the USA. Both major parties have taken turns in power.

My simple request for the world: Just Be Honest

A more positive look at life:

Coastal Favorites








Extinct ferry at Kingston